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Doing good and making the world a little better

Good deeds in everyday life - 100 ideas to make the world a better place

Want to do more good in your everyday life? Then you've come to the right place! Whether for other people, for animals or for our environment - there can never be enough good deeds! But live sustainably and make the world a better place, phew... that's so easy to say! The subject is so vast - where to start? The answer lies in your constant, personal development.

In the spirit of Gandhi's wisdom "Be the change yourselfFor this reason, I would now like to introduce you to 100 good deeds in everyday life with which you can make an important contribution to the environment, people and animals.

Doing good in everyday life - 100 ideas

Then let's not waste too much time and get straight to the possibilities of making the world a little better every day. Here you'll get a whole broadside of fresh ideas that you can integrate into your everyday life relatively simply. Let's go!

Improve world with good deeds #1 - 10

  1. Plant a tree. (for example with Treedom)
  2. Give away one old garment for each new one. (see Slow Fashion)
  3. Get involved with the shelter. (see Help animals)
  4. Collect trash on a walk. (e.g. Collect garbage on vacation)
  5. Visit someone who is alone a lot. (e.g. a widowed uncle)
  6. Watch a documentary about meat consumption and production. (e.g. Dominion, see vegan documentaries)
  7. Clear the drawers in your home of unnecessary items. (see minimalist living)
  8. Donate 10 Euro to an organization of your choice. (e.g. to a Animal welfare organization)
  9. Replace the plastic bag with a jute bag.
  10. Deliberately buy unformed fruits and vegetables. (see Reduce food waste)

Improve world with good deeds #11 - 20

  1. Offer a ride to others. (e.g. with BlaBlaCar)
  2. Look for seasonality in your grocery shopping. (see seasonal shopping)
  3. Provide hedgehogs with a plate of oatmeal in the spring and before winter. (see Feed hedgehog properly)
  4. Get a reusable water bottle. (see Zero Waste Beginner Tips)
  5. Buy your food consciously from the region. (see Prefer regional food)
  6. Learn the basic rules of a waste-avoiding lifestyle in 10 minutes. (see Zero Waste Lifestyle)
  7. Leave a pile of leaves in the garden. (see Create sustainable garden)
  8. Switch to a green power provider. (see Green electricity)
  9. Take part in a demonstration against a grievance. (e.g. against Factory farming)
  10. Go jogging and pick up trash as you go. (see Plogging)

Improve world with good deeds #21 - 30

Good deeds in everyday life - Adopt animals
  1. Adopt an animal instead of buying it from a breeding facility.
  2. Use as your search engine. (see sustainable search engines)
  3. Consciously say "no plastic straw for me, please" when you order a cocktail. (see Reasons to give up plastic straws)
  4. Support a petition against a grievance in our society. (see Start online petition)
  5. Deliberately deal with an environmental problem. (e.g. Plastic waste in the environment)
  6. Compost your organic waste. (see Proper composting)
  7. Pay meticulous attention for one day not to complain. (see quotes about Positive thinking)
  8. Let a manufacturer know if you want a more environmentally friendly change to a product. (e.g. shampoo without Microplastics, see Redesign products)
  9. Let quotes inspire you. (see Sustainability Quotes)
  10. Consciously avoid plastic ingredients in peelings and creams. (see Microplastics in cosmetics, Recommendation: App CodeCheck)

Improve world with good deeds #31 - 40

  1. Cook a vegan meal with friends. (e.g. this kitchari recipe)
  2. Put the lid on the pot before heating water. (see Saving electricity in everyday life)
  3. Ask an old friend how he is doing.
  4. Repair a garment with a hole.
  5. Catch rainwater and water your flowers with it.
  6. Give someone a little gift just like that. (see plastic free gifts)
  7. Reduce unnecessary weight in your car. (see sustainable driving)
  8. Set aside a weekend for a new book. (e.g. Sustainable living for beginners)
  9. Quit smoking. (see Stop smoking)
  10. Hold the door open for someone.

Improve world with good deeds #41 - 50

  1. For one week, question the necessity of your purchases. (see Protecting the environment in everyday life)
  2. Buy yourself a second hand piece of clothing.
  3. Tip a little more than usual at the café.
  4. Try to make a conscious effort to shop without packaging. (see plastic free shopping)
  5. Create a wildflower bed in the garden. (see Bee pasture garden)
  6. Support a blogger who shares your attitude. (e.g. through a Donation to the coffee fund 😉 )
  7. Stand up on the train when someone needs a seat.
  8. At the checkout in the supermarket, let a customer with only a few purchases go ahead.
  9. Reject info flyers in the pedestrian zone. (see Decline for less waste)
  10. Carpool to work.

Improve world with good deeds #51 - 60

  1. Buy yogurt in a deposit jar instead of a plastic cup.
  2. Support a street musician.
  3. Do food sharing and save food from the garbage can. (see Food Sharing)
  4. Donate your bottle deposit at the vending machine.
  5. Give up your cell phone for three days.
  6. Use the direct search via and not the browser or voice search. (see sustainable on the internet)
  7. Pay someone a polite compliment.
  8. Consciously replace disposable products with reusable products. (e.g. plastic cutlery with washable stainless steel cutlery, see sustainable lifehacks of our grandparents)
  9. Compensate your CO2-Footprint. (see Offset emissions)
  10. Report direct or indirect animal cruelty when you observe it. (see Cruelty to animals)

Improve world with good deeds #61 - 70

Doing good in everyday life - ideas
  1. Consume as little water as possible for one day. (see Water saving tips)
  2. Buy cheese or sausage at the counter and fill it into a box you brought with you. (see Buy cheese and sausage plastic free)
  3. Celebrate New Year's Eve without rockets. (see New Year's Eve without fireworks)
  4. Give birds the opportunity for a water and sand bath. (see Bird friendly garden)
  5. Avoid foods and cosmetics with palm oil. (see Palm oil destroys rainforest)
  6. Honestly answer the question of why you are meat. (Recommendation: vegan life)
  7. Visit a nursing home and spend time with lonely people. (e.g. someone who does not get a visit).
  8. Take an online course. (for example 30 Days To Zero Waste)
  9. Consciously refrain from having to be right.
  10. Kindly explain to someone why you can't feed ducks. (see Feeding ducks prohibited)

Improve world with good deeds #71 - 80

  1. Cook yourself a dish with meat substitutes. (e.g. tempeh instead of beef, see Legumes instead of meat)
  2. Stay on site an extra week for every hour you fly on your next trip. (see Mass tourism)
  3. Deliberately smile at someone and spread good cheer.
  4. Use curd soap to remove stains from your shoes. (see Curd soap household applications)
  5. Thank someone, for their daily work. (e.g. the letter carrier / letter carrier, not only in the Corona crisis)
  6. Build a piece of furniture from old wooden planks. (e.g. Build coffee table yourself)
  7. Attend a first aid course.
  8. Become a vegetarian. (see Become a vegetarian)
  9. Abstain from consuming eggs for a week and stick with it if you find that you are not lacking anything. (see Chick Shredding)
  10. Spend a whole day outside in the countryside. (see Health through spending time in nature)

Improve world with good deeds #81 - 90

  1. Consciously avoid buying products from the Nestlé corporation. (see Nestlé criticism)
  2. Become an organ donor and save lives.
  3. Organize a party without garbage. (see plastic free party)
  4. Spaces a cliché about veganism from the world. (see vegan prejudices)
  5. Support a beach cleanup event. (see Make Beach CleanUp)
  6. Tell someone why you like him/her.
  7. Make yourself a dishwashing liquid from ivy leaves. (see Making washing up liquid from ivy yourself)
  8. Use coffee grounds to remove odors from the refrigerator. (see Coffee grounds applications)
  9. Prefer a local, handmade souvenir from your vacation. (see sustainable souvenirs)
  10. Write down 3 things you are grateful for.

Improve world with good deeds #91 - 100

  1. Just don't mow the lawn for a few weeks and admire your vibrant garden.
  2. Make a conscious effort to buy the right thing the next time you shop online. (see Avoid returns)
  3. Offer your mailman something to drink.
  4. Save hard bread from the garbage can. (see Making bread chips from stale bread)
  5. When on vacation, look for accommodation that consciously avoids waste. (see Zero Waste Journey)
  6. Cook up meals for your next festival. (see Zero Waste at the Festival)
  7. Take a trip into nature. (e.g. Paddling in the Spreewald)
  8. Switch to an environmentally friendly credit union with your checking account. (see Eco banks comparison)
  9. Give time to a homeless person. (or some food)
  10. Replace mineral water with tap water. (see Save money sustainably)

You can make the world better every day

What good deeds can you do in everyday life?

I have given you 100 ideas for good deeds in everyday life. But if my hands weren't so tired, I could have easily given you another hundred. For example, sharing an inspirational blog post with friends - but that's just an idea 😉 .

In any case, the huge range of possibilities shows that we are spoiled for choice at any time of our lives as to whether and, above all, how we can make the world a better place. I hope that a little inspiration has fallen off here for you - and that you can pass it on to other people as well.

Do you have questions, tips or your own suggestions for good deeds in everyday life? Then just write me, as always, a comment under this post.

Stay human and good-natured,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Do you already know the sustainable job portal? There you will find job openings for professions that create added value for you, for our environment and for our society. Take a look if you want to do good every day!

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