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Human Rights

Welcome to the Human Rights Blog from CareElite! Here, as you might expect, you'll learn everything you need to know about the basic rights of human beings - and about the great injustices in our society. Enjoy the blog!

Why is a human rights blog so important?

This blog is especially important to me! Especially because it enriches our life together so incredibly when we eliminate injustices. I hate injustices! To be honest, and want to contribute every day that they are steadily dismantled. From World hungerwhich, if everyone got their act together, we could end in a few years, to racism, sexism, and Speciesism. Of course, they will not disappear overnight. Habits and different ideals prevent that. But many are closely related to each other. This blog about basic human rights is meant to create a good basis. A good basis to deal with each other peacefully, humanely and sustainably - and to preserve our planet for future generations.

This is why I am a blogger for human rights

Even if this human rights blog doesn't directly fit the topics of sustainability and environmental protection at first glance, I think it creates a healthy breeding ground for all the things I plan to do with CareElite. I want to move our society towards a sustainable way of life - and that can only happen if the concerns around one's basic needs, such as constant access to food and water or one's own security, are always satisfied. Only then is it possible to think about developing personally and living more sustainably.

For this reason, I blog about human rights and for the preservation of human dignity. But now have fun with the blog!