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Welcome to the sustainable Living Shop from CareElite! Here you will find a whole range of ecological products that will make your apartment or house even greener and more environmentally friendly. Here I would like to briefly explain what you can expect and what items for your home you can count on here.

Why a sustainable living store?

The store is a subcategory of the Stores for sustainable living and is intended to make a valuable contribution to making the purchases and lives of our society more environmentally conscious step by step in the near future. And nowhere can each and every one of us change and effect so much as in our own four walls. From cleaning, to pets, to the garden and furniture. The possibilities abound!

What products can I find in the green living store?

Since you found this store, here you benefit from the things that make your apartment or house even more sustainable. Reusable products instead of disposable ones. Fair and green manufacturing, instead of wasting resources and exploiting employees. Plant-based products, instead of animal suffering. From natural trash cans to stainless steel tea filters to bamboo straws.

In short: Here you will find things that can make your home even more sustainable in the simplest way.

But now I wish you a lot of fun shopping.

Add new products to the sustainable living store?

Oh there is something else! If you are missing articles here, you can send me a hint under the following links or register your own product:

  • Make product proposal (private, e.g. if you are missing a product here that is also sustainable but has not been listed at all)
  • Register your own product (business, e.g. if you sell a green article yourself, which should be offered here at CareElite)