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Welcome to the sustainable on the go store for eco-friendly travel! In this category you will find ecological, plastic-free and just basically sustainable things that will make your travels even more environmentally friendly in the future. No matter if you make a day trip or travel for weeks in foreign countries.

Why a sustainable travel store?

People who travel a lot may not live as sustainably. After all, flying, driving or cruising are anything but environmentally friendly. But it's relatively easy to improve the environmental impact of your travel habits. Here in the Unterwegs Shop you can get green neck pillows, reusable stainless steel drinking bottles and really cool lunch boxes for your next trip. This way, you make significantly less waste from ToGo packaging and can conveniently take your lunch with you from the lecture.

Be sure to read the article Sustainable travel through to learn what else you can do, besides buying eco-friendly products online, to make your next trip much more sustainable.

What products can I find in the green on the go store?

In this travel store, I provide you with items that have been produced in an environmentally friendly and fair way and/or make sustainable travel easier. From reusable and washable wooden travel cutlery to stainless steel water bottles that you can fill up with tap water everywhere. Just get inspired a bit and see which things can help you personally. And now I wish you a lot of fun in the Unterwegs Shop!