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Wooden comb

  • Wooden comb for medium length and fine hair
  • Safe due to rounded wooden tips
  • Wood pocket comb for travel
  • Plastic-free from the packaging to the comb!

For your hair, scalp and hands is the Wood pocket comb a pleasant treat. The sustainably produced Wood comb without plastic inspires already when unpacking from the plastic-free packaging with its natural smell of wood. The long pocket comb has rounded tooth tips made of natural wood and is therefore particularly gentle on the scalp. A plastic free wooden comb is perfect for daily hair care and of course environmentally friendly.

This beautiful wooden comb is suitable for beard care, fine as well as strong hair, short to long hair and scalp care. It is also ideal as a practical travel comb for on the road and can also be easily carried in the jacket pocket or a handbag.

Why an environmentally friendly comb made of wood?

Compared to petroleum-based plastic, wood is a renewable resource. In addition, wood is completely biodegradable. This means that by using the wooden comb, you avoid unnecessary plastic waste polluting the environment in the long term.

The plastic-free hair comb made of wood is 100 % vegan, because no animal ingredients are used in the production. Furthermore, no harmful substances were used in the production.

The pocket comb made of wood impresses with a beautiful wooden look, which looks very natural. The robust wooden teeth are slightly rounded, so the plastic-free hair comb is gentle on the scalp and gently massages.

Due to the stable processing, the sustainable comb made of wood has a long life cycle. If you ever want to part with the environmentally friendly wooden comb, it is 100 % biodegradable.

The sustainable pocket comb made of wood for healthy hair

  • 100% plastic free comb
  • Vegan quality natural wood comb
  • Biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Rounded comb tips to protect the scalp

Zero Waste with the plastic free wooden comb made of precious wood

For combing hair or beard, there is nothing better than a natural wooden comb. You also avoid unnecessary plastic waste by using a sustainable comb instead of a cheap plastic comb. Wood comb you use. If you like the ecological wooden comb, you can order it online here.


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