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Gift ribbon

  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable hemp cord
  • Ideal package or gift cord without plastic
  • Natural & Sustainable made from 100% natural hemp
  • Plastic-free from packaging to hemp cord
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The 100% natural gift cord is environmentally friendly, plastic-free and biodegradable. For me, the perfect replacement for ribbon to wrap small gifts lovingly and sustainably. The natural colors provide beautiful accents when packing.

You can choose between two items here. On the one hand, the chic hemp cord in the beautiful pastel colors purple, green, pink and brown, which fit wonderfully with natural wrapping paper and wood. The in each color about 9.1 meters long Hemp strings without plastic you can also use for crafts, necklaces, jewelry or clothing and let your imagination run wild. On the other hand, the recycled cord, which is 100 % recycled material.

Why sustainable gift cord?

Both cords are very sustainable and are suitable as an environmentally friendly gift cord or alternative to plastic gift ribbon. On the one hand hemp is a sustainable, resource-saving raw material, on the other hand recycling is also very sustainable. The recycled cord is additionally convincing because it is produced in Switzerland. Both cords are completely biodegradable and do without synthetic components, as well as plastic.

Made of natural material, gift strings are sturdy and tear-resistant for secure packaging.

The natural look of the twine makes it an appealing alternative to plastic gift wrap and gives your gifts a natural look. It looks especially cool when you use old newspaper as wrapping paper and then knot it with the natural string.

However, the ecological gift string is not only suitable for wrapping gifts, but can also be used for handicrafts or decorating. For example, you can stretch the cord along walls so that climbing plants can grow up the eco-cord.

Natural gift cord without plastic in different colors

  • 100% sustainable material without plastic and synthetics
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Beautiful bold colors
  • Ideal for crafting, decorating and wrapping gifts

The ecological cord for your gifts

The plastic free hemp cord is a pure natural product with which you can wrap gifts naturally. The natural colors of the cords are suitable for many creative craft and gift ideas. If you want to tie your packages sustainably with the environmentally friendly gift twine, you can order the plastic-free gift twine online here.


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