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Push-up grips


  • Perfect for training chest, shoulder and triceps
  • Wood push up grips from sustainable forest management
  • Loadable up to 200kg
  • Light weight with optimal size of 20x9x9cm
  • Edelkraft develops sports equipment from natural material

This Push up grips wood are the perfect plastic-free and natural alternative to the conventional set of plastic push-up grips. They not only look much higher quality, but are also more stable. With the sustainable push-up grips you can train especially the chest, shoulder and triceps muscles. But also the abdominal muscles are not neglected in positions like the L-sit.

You can do everything the same with these eco-friendly wooden push up grips as you can with plastic push up grips. The nice difference is that you get biodegradable, plastic free push up grips for your training and your skin is not permanently in contact with plastic during training.

Why plastic-free push-up grips made of wood?

With the plastic-free push-up grips you make yourself independent of the gym. You can train anytime and anywhere, because the handles are compact and easy to transport. So in good weather you can simply train outdoors and in bad weather you just stay at home and do a home workout. Plus, you'll save on regular gym fees.

Compared to push up grips made of plastic, these push up grips without plastic are made of natural materials. The handles are very stable, durable and can withstand up to 200 kg. Under the feet of the environmentally friendly push up grips made of wood, there is an anti-slip rubber made of natural rubber. This prevents you from slipping away during your workout.

The wood for the push up handles comes from FSC-certified, sustainable forestry. If you ever want to part with the push up handles, they are fully biodegradable. But actually there is no reason to dispose of the handles.

Push-up grips allow you a natural and gentle hand position during the workout. Especially handstand training puts a lot of strain on the wrists, so it makes sense to use push up grips. The push-up grips without plastic are versatile and suitable for different push-up variations, the L-sit, as well as triceps or handstand training.

The advantages of wooden push-up grips

  • The handles allow workouts that are easy on the wrist
  • Varied workout for chest, shoulder and triceps
  • You are independent from gyms
  • Sustainable push up grips without plastic
  • Easy to carry for outdoor workouts

Sustainable training with plastic-free push-up grips

Since I know the manufacturer personally, I know how much emphasis is placed on sustainability and stability and could already test the environmentally friendly push-up grips themselves. Therefore, I can recommend the handles to 100 %. If you like, you can order the sustainable wooden push-up grips online here.


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