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Find vegan restaurants near you!

Find vegan restaurants with this tool

Are you looking for purely vegan restaurants or venues with vegan-vegetarian offerings in your area? Then you are exactly right here! Just use the following search of HappyCow - or load the content first to get the search mask displayed. Have fun and good hunger!

Why find vegan restaurants at all?

For what motives should I find or look for vegan restaurants in the first place? There are very plausible ethical, ecological and, last but not least, health reasons. for eating a plant-based diet or living vegan. cruelty to animals and End world hunger, stop deforestation of rainforests and climate change, or prevent heart disease and antibiotic resistance - just to name a few examples, why i live vegan.

Here I want to make it as easy as possible for you to eat climate-friendly, healthy and, last but not least, according to your own ethical values, even outside your own four walls.

How does the search for vegan restaurants nearby work?

First simply select the locationwhere you can look for vegan meals. Afterwards also like to use the FilterYou can also use the filters to find the restaurant that tastes best to you. From purely vegan, vegetarian, with vegan options, bakeries to cafes, all doors are really open to you with the filters.

What is important above all is the maximum Set distance to your current locationto avoid long distances while you are already looking for a vegan restaurant with a growling stomach. Alternatively, you can also directly select continent, country and city in the search to get closer to your goal step by step.

Why is the search for restaurants with vegan-vegetarian offerings getting easier?

Also be sure to use the Testimonials and reviews of people who have already eaten at your favorite restaurant. Because the search is not only getting easier and easier because there are more and more restaurants with vegan and vegetarian meals - but also because the users of the HappyCow app share their experiences in the app every day and benefit from each other.

You can also add restaurants yourself, write a review and so Help make it easier and easier for everyone in the world to find vegan restaurants. In the end, the app is something like a big and quite large and very up-to-date knowledge base with valuable information about vegan-vegetarian restaurant offerings.

What to do if there is still no suitable vegan restaurant?

Find vegan restaurants made easy

You have used the search and did not find a suitable restaurant? Even if extremely rare, this can happen from time to time. Do not worry! The app is getting better, but it is not perfect "yet". Not all restaurants with vegan offerings can be found in it - after all, countless eateries are adding new, plant-based dishes to their menus every day.

So just check out Google Maps for restaurants near you that are not yet represented in the HappyCow app. The inical, Thai and Italian cuisine is basically very plant-based.. Does the menu have vegetarian-vegan dishes? Remember that basically every restaurant can cook vegan dishes - even if they are not on the menu. Just ask - you'll often be surprised what the chefs will whip up for you. All other tips you can find in my post "Vegan in the restaurant" take out. Were you able to find vegan restaurants using this search tool? Then enjoy your meal now!

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