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Welcome to the sustainable Drinking Shop! Here you will find all sustainable alternatives to conventional products around the topic of drinking. Here I want to tell you a little more about this drink store and show what you can expect.

Why buy sustainable drinking utensils online?

Conventional drinking products also do a lot of damage to our environment. For example, plastic straws that we use to sip our cocktail for just a few minutes. After that, it flies into the trash can. In addition, we voluntarily put plastic in our mouths. That's a health hazard. So is making your coffee with a stainless steel coffee filter. There is (almost) always an alternative to conventional plastic items.

In this drinking store, I would like to introduce you to sustainable alternatives. Alternatives that do not end up directly in the garbage and at the same time are natural and harmless to health.

What products are available in the sustainable drinking store?

Here you'll basically find the sustainable things around drinking that allow you to live as naturally as possible. For example, I'm particularly excited about stainless steel water bottles because they look cool and are leak-proof. Plus, they allow me to refill tap water at home and on the go. But glass bottles are also wonderful for reuse. Just browse around a bit in the Drinking Shop - have fun!