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Stainless steel mug


  • Stainless steel mug for on the go
  • Avoids unnecessary waste and disposable cups
  • Double wall insulation for hot drinks
  • Sturdy stainless steel for long life
  • Plastic-free from the packaging to the stainless steel cup!

Theplastic free stainless steel cupsdoes not use any plastic at all and is therefore 100 % BPA-free. Stainless steel is also rustproof, durable and therefore sustainable.

The double wall stainless steel drinking cup has excellent insulating properties and keeps your drinks hot for a very long time. The high-quality stainless steel mug always stays cool on the outside, so you can hold your hot drinks such as coffee or tea in your hand without burning your fingers.

Plastic-free stainless steel thermo mug ideal for on the go

The sustainable stainless steel mug is characterized primarily by the use of stainless steel. This makes the mug safe for health, as it does not contain plastics, BPA, phthalate or other harmful substances.

Stainless steel is also robust and rustproof, making the cup very durable. Another advantage of the material is that stainless steel is relatively light. Thanks to its low weight and robustness, the thermo mug is ideal for taking with you. Whether you're camping on the beach or in the mountains.

The double-walled construction ensures good thermal insulation so that the drinks retain their temperature for a long time. At the same time, the plastic-free drinking cup retains a pleasant temperature on the outside that is easy to grip.

The environmentally friendly stainless steel thermo mug is absolutely tasteless and easy to clean. You can also pour a spicy soup into it and still enjoy the full aroma of a latte after rinsing.

If, contrary to expectations, you should ever part with the stainless steel drinking cup, stainless steel is after all 100 % recyclable.

The advantages of the stainless steel thermo mug at a glance

  • No plastic in the drinking cup and packaging
  • Double-walled insulation keeps the inside hot and the outside cool
  • High sustainability, as extremely robust and durable
  • Absolutely tasteless and easy to clean

The stainless steel drinking cup is ideal for hot drinks on the go

By using a reusable, plastic-free stainless steel thermo mug, you are helping to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment. I can therefore highly recommend that you buy a stainless steel mug.


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