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Skipping rope


  • Wood skipping rope with noble walnut handles
  • With free spinning cotton rope
  • Ideal for an extensive fitness program
  • Tear resistant cotton rope for long durability
  • Plastic-free from packaging to skipping rope

The sustainable skipping rope made of natural materials keeps you fit for a long time. It offers you a good warm-up or a high-intensity workout. With this training tool you can easily improve your fitness and have fun while working out. The skipping rope is made with tear-resistant cotton and wooden handles, making it 100 % sustainable.

In addition, you improve your sustainability balance with the plastic-free rope, because you ensure that less unnecessary plastic waste is released into the environment. It is made of sustainably produced cotton and has wooden handles, which also lie very well in the hand when jumping fast and also look classy. In addition, the sustainable rope is an eye-catcher with which you will certainly stand out during sports and attract attention.

The advantages of the sustainable jump rope made of wood

You can easily improve your carbon footprint with this plastic-free skipping rope made of sustainable natural material. The sustainable materials are very durable and therefore it is particularly sustainable. The skipping rope enriches your training sessions, keeps you fit and ensures good endurance, coordination and bounce. These are three important elements for healthy athleticism. By the way, due to its high intensity, jumping rope consumes a lot of calories, so you can treat yourself after your workout. The compactness of the rope makes it an ideal travel companion and you can always easily take it with you. So you can train outside in nature or you can pack it in your backpack when traveling, so you can train on the go. With the sustainable wooden skipping rope, you'll probably come back from your vacation even fitter than when you left.

Here again the most important advantages of the Speed Rope at a glance

  • Use of sustainable natural materials
  • High durability
  • Noble design with wooden handles
  • important training tool for your fitness
  • Jumping rope consumes many calories
  • compact rope for training on the road or when traveling

I can absolutely recommend you to create your workouts with a sustainable jump rope.


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