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Welcome to the sustainable Pets Shop! Here you will find selected pet items that you need for an environmentally friendly approach to your animal friends. Whether dog, cat or mouse! Now I would like to explain what you can expect from this pet store and why it actually exists.

Why a sustainable pet store?

Not only we ourselves can live environmentally friendly and also plastic-free, but also our pets. Especially food for dogs and cats makes a lot of waste in German households. In addition, there are toys and care products that are often made of cheap material. In this store I would like to relieve you of the search for environmentally friendly alternatives, so you can easily find them directly and conveniently order online.

What products can I find in the eco-friendly pets store?

In the store for pets you will find suitable alternatives for a sustainable approach to your pet. From wooden fur brushes, to natural toys for dogs and cats, to paper dog waste bags. The selection gets bigger and bigger as time goes on. The best thing you can do is just let yourself be inspired a bit in the store. Have fun!

Add new products to the store for sustainable pets?

Oh there is something else! If you are missing animal articles here, you can send me a hint under the following links or register your own product:

  • Make product proposal (private, e.g. if you are missing a product here that is also sustainable but has not been listed at all)
  • Register your own product (business, e.g. if you sell a green article yourself, which should be offered here at CareElite)