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Insect hotel


  • Handmade wooden insect hotel
  • Species preserving shelter for bees
  • Serves as a nesting and wintering aid
  • Ideal also for bumblebees, wasps or wild bees
  • Produced sustainably and plastic-free

Your Impact: By installing an insect hotel, you are significantly reducing the environmental problem of the Species extinction as you provide a safe haven for the animals.

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If you are looking for a Bee hotel then you've come to the right place. This practical Insect hotel offers protection not only to bees, but also to many other beneficial insects. With such a nesting box you can easily practice active environmental protection in your garden. Once hung up, insects settle in the beneficial insect hotel and pollinate the plants in the surrounding area.

Why are insect hotels important?

Bee hotels make a great contribution to nature conservation, the preservation of biodiversity and beneficial insects living in them help to maintain the ecological balance through pollination and as biological pest controllers. Especially in cities, the habitat for insects is becoming smaller and smaller, so you can make a valuable contribution to the survival of small insects with the nesting box.

How you should hang the bee hotel

It is important that you find a place for the insect hotel that is protected from the weather and sunny. There you can fix the insect hotel so that the entrance is as visible as possible. In the best case, when you set it up, keep in mind that the entrance path should be as free as possible.

Who moves into the insect hotel?

Many beneficial insects find shelter in this nesting box. Among other things, bumblebees, wild bees, ichneumon wasps move into your beneficial insect hotel. Depending on the model, butterflies or other insects also find a nice room in the hotel. You may also wonder why some insect hotels have a wire mesh. The wire serves to protect the inhabitants from birds.

The advantages of the bee hotel

As already mentioned, the habitat for insects is dwindling more and more. Through this bee hotel you can do something about it and give the insects a home. Thus you contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the ecological balance.

Of course, the insect hotel is built from natural materials and processed without plastic. Due to its beautiful finish, it is also a great eye-catcher in your garden.

If you are interested in insects, the beneficial insect hotel is of course also a great way to observe the little animals. Once a few insects have settled there, you can watch them again and again.

All advantages of the beneficial insect hotel at a glance

So that you have all the advantages of the nesting box once again at a glance, I have summarized them for you here as a concise list:

  • Your contribution to the preservation of biodiversity
  • Compensating for the dwindling habitat for insects
  • Built from natural materials and plastic free
  • Observation opportunity for animal lovers
  • Eye catcher in the garden

I can absolutely recommend you to buy an insect hotel, because you make a valuable contribution to nature conservation and the preservation of biodiversity. If you like, you can order it online here.


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