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  • Reusable vegetable oilcloths
  • Sustainable alternative for cling film
  • Made from organic cotton and fair plant wax
  • Easily washable with cold water
  • Plastic-free from packaging to oilcloth

If you are currently looking for vegetable oilcloths then you've come to the right place! The vegan oilcloths are the ideal alternative to beeswax wipes if you are vegan and want to avoid animal products.

What are wax cloths anyway? As already mentioned, there are vegetable wax cloths and beeswax cloths. Both are equally suitable for keeping food fresh. To do this, you can hold the vegan oilcloths in your hand briefly to make them flexible and malleable. Then place them on the cut surfaces of fruit, vegetables or bread and store the food in the fridge if necessary.

You can also simply cover bowls or deep plates filled with leftover food with the cloths to keep the food fresh. It is important that you hold the ends briefly, e.g. on the cut surface of an orange, so that the wax can adhere. The vegan wax cloths are also suitable for storing food in the freezer.

How to clean oilcloths

Cleaning the vegetable oilcloths is child's play. You wipe over the cloths with a sponge, a little cold water and a little gentle washing-up liquid until all food residue is removed, rinse again with clear water and then hang the cloths up to air dry.

How to store oilcloths

It is best to keep the vegetable oilcloths dry and protected from heat and direct sunlight. You can simply store them in an empty kitchen drawer. If you have a small clothes horse on the windowsill, this is also ideal for hanging the vegan oilcloths on. However, if there is a heater under the windowsill, you should be careful with the heat.

Why vegan oilcloths?

Now that you are well informed, the question arises as to why you should buy vegan oilcloths. Compared to plastic, the advantage is of course that the plant-based oilcloths are reusable and biodegradable. If you buy oilcloth instead of cling film, you are effectively avoiding the unnecessary production of plastic and protecting the environment. The oilcloths are also packaged plastic-free to really save plastic at every turn.

The vegan oilcloths are made from organic cotton and other renewable raw materials. This ensures resource-saving production, which also protects our planet in the long term.

It is also a plant-based alternative to beeswax wipes. In the article "Why don't vegans eat honey" you can learn a lot about honey production. The information in this article is of course also relevant to the production of wax, which is why it is worth buying plant-based wax cloths. As plant-based wax cloths do not contain any animal ingredients, they are ideal for vegans.

Advantages of plant-based oilcloths

Here I have summarized all the reasons why it is worth buying vegan oilcloths:

  • Vegetable oilcloths made from organic cotton
  • Vegan alternative to beeswax wipes
  • Sustainable and reusable alternative to plastic
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Packed completely plastic free

I can absolutely recommend the plant-based wax cloths as a vegan alternative to beeswax cloths. If you would like to try them out, you can order the vegan wax cloths online here.


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