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At Fashion Blog I would like to introduce you to an environmentally conscious, sustainable approach to clothing. Since the fast-moving fashion industry has a decisive share in the biggest environmental problems of our time has, it makes sense to slow them down a bit. Of course, without losing the fun of clothes.

You'll find a good start to the blog with these posts:

Just look around a bit and let yourself be inspired. Not necessarily for new clothing ideas, but for a respectful and rather slow than fast approach to fashion.

Why a sustainable fashion blog is important

Blogs like this play an important role in educating our society. The fast-moving fashion industry now creates new seasons and trends every week - leading to mass production that is hazardous to health and an unusually high level of consumer spending. While the environment and people suffer, manufacturers are happy. That's why I think this sustainable fashion blog is an important approach to create awareness for an environmentally friendly approach to clothing.

Why an environmentally conscious fashion blogger

I get it - maybe I'm not your typical fashion blogger! I am not in the spotlight and do not constantly pose with the latest trends. But for this fashion blog, the reason that I wear clothes and dress every day is enough. Everyone does - and that's why the sustainable use of clothing is everyone's business. It's not only important to me that we wear fashion produced in an environmentally friendly way, but also that we wear it for as long as possible and treat it with appreciation. Because that is also slow fashion. I wish you a lot of fun in the fashion blog and hope that you can take something from it.

How to tell, check and know if fashion is sustainable and eco-friendly?

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