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Sustainable fashion brands and labels

Sustainable fashion brands - 11 modern fashion labels with fair trade clothing

Looking for sustainable fashion brands that exemplify fair trade and environmentalism? Then you've come to the right place! The Fast Fashion Industry with cheaply produced mass-produced goods and new trends every week is aimed at getting people to buy more and more clothes. The enormous consumption of resources and the pollution of nature are just some of the consequences of this high-speed cheap fashion. Fortunately, there are also down-to-earth labels that produce fair, high-quality and, above all, sustainable T-shirts, sweaters and Dresses manufacture.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the fairest and greenest fashion labels and show you why they belong on this list. Let's go!

Here you will find a brief overview in advance:

  1. Elkline
  2. Recolution
  3. Ecoalf
  4. bleed
  5. wijld
  6. Cossac
  7. Dedicated
  8. Organic Basics
  9. Jan n'June
  10. vārm
  11. Armedangels

1. elkline

The Hamburg-based fashion label proves that even outdoor clothing can be sustainable - even if the range goes far beyond that. Above all, the promotion of fair working conditions at all production sites, the Support for local social projectsas well as the promotion of sustainable working practices among its own employees are what set Elkline apart. As a customer, you can even transparently view the path of a product along the entire supply chain.

2. recolution - urban, sustainable, uncompromising

"Long-lasting favorite pieces designed in Hamburg, produced in Europe and developed for a world that should still be worth living in tomorrow." - says the about section of the sustainable, fair Hamburg fashion label. Sustainable, because the team uses environmentally friendly materials such as cotton and wood instead of petroleum for its in-house garments. Fair, because the GOTS and "PETA approved-vegan" certificationand compliance with social standards is a basic requirement. Clothing that is not sold goes to people in need and aid organizations.

3. ecoalf

The Spanish fashion brand is one of the pioneers when it comes to Fashion made from recycled plastic waste goes. Ecoalf offers a The company offers a wide range of garments made from salvaged fishing nets and plastic bottles, for example. This label should therefore be particularly exciting for those who want to use the Zero Waste Lifestyle have discovered for themselves.

Tip: About Recycling fashion I also talked in an interview with URA Collective, another sustainable fashion label. Feel free to check it out!

4. bleed - 100% ECO, 100% FAIR, 150% YEAH!

The fashion label was founded in 2008 by skateboarder Michael Spitzbarth and is one of the best-known sustainable brands. The clothing is 100 percent vegan and animal cruelty free produced. Organic cotton is used in many items of clothing - and the label's fashion is also produced from regenerated fishing nets. Compliance with social standards, such as the payment of fair wages, the ban on child labor, appropriate working hours and health insurance are a matter of course.

5. wijld - We make fair fashion from wood

Sustainable fashion brand Wijld
For example, Wijld makes shirts from wood | Source:

You sometimes hear that sustainable fashion is boring. Wijld proves the opposite and produces genuinely stylish, fair and environmentally friendly garments made from wood from sustainable forestry. And in a wide range - from knitted sweaters to functional shirts.

6 Cossac - Timeless, fashionable and ethical

"We want to create timeless, yet trendy garments; beautiful, yet ethical." - says the London fashion label's website. These values can also be seen very clearly in the company's own creations. The company manufactures its garments in Portugal and uses green materials - from jumpsuits to packaging. Another special feature of the label: only produced in small quantitiesto minimize stock-outs and waste natural resources to avoid.

7 Dedicated - clothing that is social

The fashion label from Cologne lives by values such as Transparency and honesty before. Cooperation with suppliers is designed for the long term. The entire supply chain should act sustainably. This is why all of the label's partners also pursue sustainable values and adhere to reputable social standards. In the online store, you will find an extensive range of garments made primarily from GOTS-certified organic cotton and exclusively recycled polyester.

8th Organic Basics - Environmentally friendly. Fairly produced.

Organic Basics works exclusively with partners who take responsibility for the environment and climate protection. The sustainable fashion label from Denmark both the material and the style durable. Organic cotton in combination with minimalist, timeless designs, as well as recycled fashion made of cashmere, wool or nylon make Organic Basics a particularly refreshing company in the otherwise unfortunately fast-moving fashion world.

9 Jan n'June - Fair and sustainable fashion

The Hamburg fashion brand produces cool, fresh and timeless designs made from sustainable materials. In the diverse online store, it is easy to see that the founders pursue a holistic sustainable philosophy - from the production of the material to the sale.

10. vārm - fair and environmentally friendly brand that excludes no one 

The German fashion brand works exclusively with natural materials and uses a maximum of recycled animal fibers. It works exclusively with GOTS-certified suppliers from Europe. The brand is primarily driven by frustration with the fashion industry.

11th Armedangels - Here to make change

"We are not here to make fashion - we are here to make change" - an unmistakable mission. Accordingly, in the Cologne fashion label's online store you will also find Only strictly controlled, fairly produced and sustainable garments with a large selection for men and women. With its minimalist, modern designs, the label proves that ecological, sustainable fashion is anything but boring.

More sustainable fashion brands? There are more and more brands with a green philosophy! Thinking Mu, Living Crafts, Cossac, Lovjoi, Degree Clothing, Treches, Armor Lux, Wiederbelebt, Two Thirds, patagonia, Jan'n June, MELAWEAR, Bidges & Sons or Givn Berlin - to name just a few more, so as not to go beyond the scope of this article.

Prefer sustainable fashion brands when buying new

Sustainable fashion label Wijld
Clothing can also be produced in an environmentally friendly and fair way | Source:

If buying a new T-shirt, jacket, hoodie or pair of jeans is unavoidable, make sure you start by looking around for brands that are forward-looking and fair. With this list, you already have a few places to start. So excuses don't count 😉

I hope that I could help you with this article! Do you have any questions, tips or suggestions? Can you think of any other brands and labels that are pioneers in terms of environmental protection, sustainability and fair trade clothing? Then feel free to write me a comment!

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Buying fashion from fair brands is one thing - being more conscious and appreciative of clothing is another. In the article about Slow Fashion find out how you can avoid buying a new one if possible, so that you can still live more resource friendly.

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