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Welcome to the Sustainable Sport Shop from CareElite! You can also shop sustainably and ecologically online for fitness and sports. Often sports equipment is produced as cheaply as possible - i.e. rather environmentally harmful and under poor conditions - and takes 10-thousand air or sea miles until they are available for sale here in Germany. Also the durability is to be regarded critically due to the cheap production. Therefore, it is important that we also remember to consciously consume sustainably when it comes to sports equipment.

Why a sustainable sports store?

With this eco-friendly sports store I would like to give you a safe place to buy ecological and fairly produced sporting goods online. It is especially important to me to promote products that are future-oriented and not exclusively profit-oriented. Because, on the one hand, this helps to ensure that we treat each other fairly, that our environment is preserved and that our economy functions in the long term. For these reasons, I have decided to create this sustainable sports store.

What products are available in the sustainable sports store?

In this store category Sport & Fitness you will find more and more environmentally friendly and ecological fitness products over time - from mobile sports equipment to sportswear. Whether clothing made from recycled plastic from the sea or drinking bottles to avoid waste. Want more examples? No problem:

  • Wooden push-up grips, which are produced with wood from ecological forestry in Germany. I use them every other day. And as stable as they are, I'll be able to do that for the rest of my life.
  • Large stainless steel drinking bottle, which is packaged plastic-free and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way that will make your life much easier without plastic.

Just look around a bit. Above this text you will find a lot of natural and above all honest products. But now I wish you a lot of fun shopping!