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Mini bars


  • Effective training for body tension, balance and strength
  • For push-ups, L-sits, handstands (push-ups) and many other exercises
  • Plastic free ToGo bar made of wood
  • Due to natural rubber on the feet absolutely non-slip and safe
  • The Parallettes are loadable up to 200kg body weight (100kg per handle)
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Only pure natural materials and renewable raw materials such as wood and natural rubber from rubber juice are used for this cool training tool. The guaranteed plastic-free mini bar made of wood is a real product Made in Germany. The production in Germany with short transport routes and the use of wood from sustainably managed forests in the Alpine region make the Minibarren an ecological showcase product. The Minibarren training is ideal for on the go, to take with you or on a small area in the house or garden. Strength, body tension and balance are optimally strengthened with the plastic-free mini bar.

Advantages of plastic-free wooden mini bars here once again at a glance:

  • Made in Germany from renewable natural raw materials
  • Extremely stable construction - Loadable with up to 200 kg body weight
  • Safe stability due to natural rubber on the feet
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to clever plug/screw system

Train push-ups, L-sits and handstands with the plastic-free mini bars

The Parallettes made of FSC-certified wood and natural rubber are a highly effective and at the same time environmentally friendly training tool. Best quality made in Germay and high quality natural materials guarantee highest load capacity and durability of the wooden bars.


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