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Olive oil soap

  • Olive oil soap without synthetic fragrances or additives
  • Based on natural olive oil
  • Handmade and naturally produced
  • Environmentally friendly solid soap without plastic
  • Plastic-free from packaging to soap

With the handmade Olive oil soap you get a piece of healthy nature in your bathroom. The handmade soap is a pure natural product without fragrances, plastic-free and contains no PEG, phthalates or synthetic additives. The solid soap based on extra-virgin olive oil is particularly mild and skin-regenerating. The environmentally friendly Soap without plastic is biodegradable, vegan and palm oil free.

The natural soap is rich, cleanses the skin deep into the pores and degreases excess skin oil. At the same time, the bar soap from olive oil is also a real all-rounder and is suitable for skin, face and hair at the same time.

Why a sustainable soap based on olive oil?

The main advantage of the organic soap from olive oil is the sustainable production, in which on the one hand value is placed on organic ingredients and on the other hand is deliberately avoided unnecessary chemicals. At the same time, the organic bar soap is free of palm oil and animal ingredients and is therefore also suitable for vegans.

Since only natural ingredients are used in production, the solid soap is also completely biodegradable.

Olive oil soap has a natural scent, provides a nice clean and nourishes the skin sustainably.

Personally, when I switched to olive oil soap, I found the skin feeling very exciting. I remember that right after the first use, my skin felt very different than when I used shower gel. The skin has felt strengthened and a little "stopping" and less "sliding". Unfortunately I can't describe it any better than that, since then I've only used natural bar soap and I'm very happy. Just give it a try!

Therefore I recommend you the vegan olive oil soap

  • 100% natural ingredients from organic farming
  • Handmade natural soap without perfume and harmful additives
  • Especially nourishing, pore-deep skin cleansing
  • Plastic-free, vegan, without palm oil and biodegradable

Pure vegetable soap made from organic oils without plastic

The extremely mild, alkaline cleaning of olive oil soap is a boon for skin and hair. With the Natural soap in a bar you avoid plastic waste, live healthy and environmentally friendly. The traditionally handmade soap comes beautifully packaged and plastic-free. If you like, you can order the vegan olive oil based soap online here.


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