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Fabric panty liners


  • 100% Cotton Fabric Plastic Free Panty Liners
  • Several cotton panty liners in a set
  • Size of panty liners is 28 x 7 cm
  • The wings hold the bandage in the perfect position
  • Reusable and plastic free sanitary napkins
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The plastic free panty liner made of high quality organic cotton is pleasantly soft and protects reliably. The set of cloth panty liners replaces conventional disposable liners in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The reusable sanitary napkins were designed with a tight cut so that they are not noticeable under clothing.

The reusable panty liners can be washed by hand or in the machine at up to 60 degrees and ensure long-lasting hygiene without plastic waste. It's best to soak them briefly in cold water before washing. With the snaps and wings on the bandage, the inserts are non-slip and securely fastened in the optimal position. A waterproof membrane does not allow moisture to reach your clothes.

Reusable fabric sanitary napkins for your sustainable hygiene

Especially in the intimate area it is important to use natural materials. The organic cotton used for the reusable sanitary napkins is unbleached and therefore much gentler on the skin than normal cotton. The ecological sanitary napkins are ideal because they are gentle to your intimate area.

The reusable panty liners save you a lot of waste, which is created by conventional panty liners. Since these are even individually packaged, not only a lot of waste is created by the product, but also by the packaging. With the reusable cloth panty liners you effectively protect the environment.

Another advantage of the environmentally friendly sanitary napkins is that you can save yourself the regular repurchase. Of course, reusable sanitary napkins cost more than disposable ones at the beginning. However, in the long run you will save time on shopping, you will no longer have regular costs and you will always have sanitary pads at home because you cannot run out of them.

The advantages of reusable panty liners at a glance

Here you can find all the important advantages of sustainable sanitary towels in a short list:

  • Fabric panty liners made from natural organic cotton
  • Hygienically clean washable at 60 degrees
  • Pads are not noticeable under clothing
  • Long reusable for optimal sustainability
  • Avoids plastic waste and constant repurchasing

100% cotton non-slip organic panty liners set

The environmentally friendly cloth bandages Are skimpy cut and completely unobtrusive to wear with most clothing. The skin-friendly organic cotton with a waterproof membrane gives you hygienic protection on all days and ensures that you can reduce some unnecessary waste. That's why it's worth it for you and the environment to buy the reusable cloth panty liners.


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