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Stainless steel razor blades


  • Bulk Pack Stainless Steel Razor Blades
  • Durable and sharp for a smooth shave
  • Compatible with traditional safety razors
  • Plastic-free from packaging to stainless steel razor blade
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The Stainless steel razor blades replace disposable blades from the drugstore in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Stainless steel provides a smooth, gentle shave and guarantees a long life of the plastic free razor blades. The stainless steel razor blades are suitable for all models of traditional safety razors.

Why the plastic-free packaged replacement blades?

Countless plastic razors can be found in landfills around the world. After all, the blades of disposable razors are often dull after just a few shaves and no longer shave so well. Then you quickly part with your plastic razor and simply use a new one. The vast amounts of plastic waste produced by this behavior, however, can be easily avoided if you rely on a reusable razor with replacement blades. Therefore, these stainless steel replacement blades are a good sustainable alternative for disposable plastic blades.

The razor blades without plastic are made of stainless steel, provide a clean shave and last much longer than the blades of plastic razors. This saves you in the long term not only your wallet, but also the environment.

Since stainless steel razor blades are higher quality and sharper than plastic razor blades, they provide better shaving results.

The high-quality replacement blades for razors fit all popular models of safety razors. If you are still looking for the razor to match the plastic-free razor blades, you will find here found.

Here again the advantages of stainless steel razor blades:

  • 100% plastic free razor blades
  • Long service life due to stainless steel
  • Gentle and smooth shave with traditional safety razors
  • Suitable for all common razors
  • Plastic free packaged razor blades

Set on shaving the tradition of razors with stainless steel blades

The good old razors were almost completely pushed out of the market by the cheap plastic razors, but now the pendulum is swinging back and more and more people are buying sustainable razors. Because the plastic waste produced by the disposable razors can be reduced by the long usable Stainless steel razor blades perfectly in combination with a plastic-free razor. If you want to buy some plastic-free stainless steel replacement blades for your razor, you can order them online here.


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