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Stainless steel razor


  • Stainless steel razor for a perfect shave
  • Sustainable alternative to disposable razors
  • High quality and environmental friendly stainless steel razor plane
  • Plastic-free from packaging to stainless steel razor!

Get the Stainless steel razor a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic razors. Here in the store you will find two alternatives, either a razor with wooden handle and stainless steel finish or a model that is made entirely of stainless steel. Both are high quality and durable Shaver Without plastic and ensure an easy and clean shave without stubble.

The interchangeable replacement blades mean you avoid a whole lot of plastic waste in the long term. The beautifully finished handle sits better in the hand than any plastic handle on disposable razors. Naturally, the razors are suitable for face, armpits, legs, intimate areas, etc.

Why a sustainable razor without plastic?

Over the course of a lifetime, you accumulate a number of plastic or disposable razors that you use. This creates a lot of unnecessary waste. Above all, the plastic contained in the products and packaging continues to pollute the environment for many years after shaving. A sustainable wet razor without plastic puts an end to this. If the blade is blunt at some point, you don't have to dispose of the entire razor, you can simply insert a new blade.

The sturdy design also ensures a high level of sustainability. This is because the environmentally friendly safety razor is extremely durable and you only need to replace the blades regularly to continue using the razor.

If you decide to dispose of the sustainable wet shaver at some point, this is no problem at all. Stainless steel is fully recyclable and wood is completely biodegradable. This means that no harmful components remain in the environment if you opt for the sustainable alternative to disposable plastic razors.

The advantages of plastic free razor with stainless steel or wooden handle

  • 100 % plastic-free in product and packaging
  • Natural and safe shave with stainless steel blades
  • Long service life due to simple and stable design
  • Avoids plastic waste and constant re-buying

The plastic-free stainless steel razor is the healthy and sustainable alternative for a gentle shave

The stainless steel razor and the Straight razor with wooden handle feel of high quality and sit comfortably in the hand. The closed comb of these plastic-free razors prevents the blade from protruding too far and enables a particularly gentle shave. Here in the CareElite Shop you will also find Replacement blades. If you have now decided to get the sustainable alternative to plastic razors, then you can order the wet razors without plastic online here.


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