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Plastic-free for beginners


  • Plastic-free living - from beginner to professional
  • For a simple start in life without plastic
  • Step by step guide with practical examples
  • Pure motivation for a plastic-free everyday life
  • Plastic-free from packaging to books

The Book "Plastic-free for beginners I have written to give everyone an easy start into a plastic free life to make possible. This book about plastic-free living is not intended to simply list one alternative after another, but to become a guidebook from absolute beginner to professional status. I have also peppered the book "Plastic-free for beginners" with entertaining stories and experiences of plastic-free everyday life.

Plastic-free for beginners - The book about plastic-free living

This is a book about a passionate and more than contemporary lifestyle. For people who want to leave our world a better place than when they entered it. Here's what you can expect from my book, Plastic-Free for Beginners:

  • Long-term motivation to avoid plastic waste in everyday life
  • In the book I put aside prejudices and myths
  • You learn to make things yourself to reduce your waste
  • In this book you will go from beginner to plastic-free pro

Let us guide you to a healthy, plastic-free and clean world and consolidate the smart lifestyle step by step.

PS.: The book will of course arrive at your door without the usual plastic wrap 😉 .


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