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The issue of plastic waste in the environment, which plastic free lifestyle and naturally conscious consumption are things that can only really make a difference in a growing community of convinced, environmentally conscious people. Because in order to Goal of CareElite In order to reach and sensitize all people to the issue of plastic waste in the environment, each and every one of us must pass on this attitude. Individually, none of us can make a difference with the issue of plastic waste, but together in the community, the plastic waste problem will receive the necessary attention from society and politics. I am delighted that you are part of it. Here I would like to briefly introduce you to the CareElite community in detail and hope that you will join everywhere, share your personal experiences and learn from others. The more of us there are, the greater the awareness of the problem Plastic waste in the environment.

CareElite Facebook page

Support our joint project with a Like of the Facebook page CareElite - Be Natural Change. This not only raises awareness for the project, but also provides you with discounted products and valuable content on the topic of plastic waste in the environment and plastic-free living. Again, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about plastic waste in the environment, plastic-free products or any other topic. Thank you in advance for your Like, which costs nothing and yet has a high value for the common goal.

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Facebook group CareElite Connect

Environmental protection project CareElite Zero Waste Community

Join our Facebook group Zero waste, plastic-free and natural living (CareElite Connect)learn where and how you can do without plastic and share your experiences with the community. Every question is worth asking. Together in the community you can also share your own experiences and tricks for living without plastic and learn from the experiences of others. In this group the Zero Waste Lifestyle (i.e. life without waste).

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Facebook group CareElite CleanUps

CareElite Environmental Protection Project Plastic Waste

Every environmentally conscious person who is not too embarrassed to collect plastic waste from beaches and the environment belongs here. In addition to living plastic-free, it is particularly important to eliminate existing plastic waste in the environment. With this group, any member anywhere in the world can quickly and easily set up a plastic waste or Organize Beach CleanUp. It's fun in a group and brings like-minded people together. Sometimes I organize my CleanUps in advance, but often I just start and people join in and help. It's just important that you take the step and start doing something about plastic waste, then others will also take notice. Join the Facebook group and regularly support the removal of plastic waste from the environment.

Go to the Facebook group Nature & Beach CleanUp Group Worldwide (CareElite CleanUps)

YouTube channel

Pictures and videos convey passion and commitment more quickly. But don't expect too much from the channel yet, it will only really be expanded in the future. With YouTube, we can still reach many people around the world in a very short time. I can take you to the most beautiful places on earth through the videos and show you what my CleanUps look like. Here too, the more we are, the greater the awareness of the issue of plastic waste in the environment. Just follow the CareElite YouTube channel to get to know me personally and my work on the CareElite project better.

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Instagram channel

On my Instagram channel I share the best moments of my travels and my work for environmental protection around the world. This is about my life as an environmentalist and entrepreneur and, of course, about my travels to places in the world that have a particularly big problem with plastic waste. Here I simply share everything that I think is worth sharing 🙂

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Pinterest channel

Pinterest CareElite

On Pinterest, I share all the important things that I come across in my work on my "Plastikfrei / Plastic-free" pinboard. This includes not only my own posts, but also everything that others are doing to combat excessive plastic waste. Here you can pick up lots of tips and tricks for a plastic-free life that you can copy straight away. Just follow CareElite on Pinterest.

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Write guest article

A guest article on always makes the environmental protection project better. If it fits the topic well, I will be happy to publish it. Would you like to write your own article on, which I can then publish? No problem! Read the following conditions for a guest post and write me a message.

About the conditions for a guest post on

Free E-Book & Free Email Series

As a welcome gift, I'm giving you my free e-books. For the perfect introduction to a plastic-free and fundamentally sustainable lifestyle. If you like, you'll also receive a valuable weekly email (email series) on the topic. And don't worry: you can unsubscribe at any time and I promise to treat your data confidentially.

PS: If you would like to know more about me personally, I introduce myself here once again in more detail. Otherwise, you can now feel free to explore a bit in the Sustainability Blog look around.

19 thoughts on “CareElite Community”

  1. First of all, thank you for your commitment and for your ideas. I hope that many people will join and above all that you will do something practical, even if I am not confident that the pollution will be reduced by voluntary plastic renunciation. For this, man is too comfortable and too much involved in today's way of life. What would really help, in my opinion, is a radical, immediate ban on as many plastic items as possible and, in the future, ALL plastic items. People 100 years ago also lived plastic-free. Sounds very utopian now, but I think it is all a matter of habit. In addition, we must start with school education and that already in pre-school. Governments must be put under pressure, and environmental offenders, whether individuals or companies, must be severely punished.

      1. Hi Michael! Who lives like this nowadays? I have a normal apartment, without rock walls 😉

        And how would you solve the problem, other than getting consumers, manufacturers and politicians to rethink? I look forward to your answer - then we can finally tackle the problem.

        Stay clean,

  2. Michael Kasimatis, I agree with your comment. In the 1950s there was no
    Plastic and people lived too. Back then you had paper bags in which you could put your
    We packaged our purchases (sugar, flour, etc.). In addition, we knitted or crocheted from wool colorful net bags, with which we went shopping. Everyone wanted to have the most beautiful and largest. Anything goes, with a little good will and a little less convenience and more environmental awareness.
    Thank you for this site and that there are other people with me who fight for the environment!

    1. Hello Rosel, Hello Michael,

      I can only agree with both of you! That we all work together to do something against plastic waste is shown quite well by an example:

      In the past there were wooden toothbrushes. Then for a long time there was nothing but plasitkzahnbürsten. But today, more and more people are turning to wooden toothbrushes again. That's just cool, but only the introduction to the age that follows the plastic age 🙂 Whatever what may be called then, it is lived in any case more natural and conscious.

      Many greetings

  3. Michelle from Grzymala

    Hey dear Careelite team,

    can you tell me how many filaments one of your bamboo toothbrushes has?

    Kind regards,
    Michelle from Grzymala

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, I'm really out of my depth. I will pass the question on to my manufacturer.

      Many greetings,

  4. Hello CareElite Community,

    we avoid carpets! At trade fairs, carpets are laid all the time (over 7 million sqm /year in DE), after the trade fair they are then thermally disposed of to 90%. Last year we had enough of this and developed paprfloor. Paper-based it avoids waste and is later again what it was, waste paper.

    We think your site and what you do is great.

    Many greetings

  5. Hello Christoph,
    Thank you for your commitment!
    I have a question: the detergent from chestnuts tempts me to try out
    eren-but do you take edible chestnuts (chestnuts) or normal autumn gathering chestnuts???
    Both can be seen in your photos....
    Thanks for a clarification, I'm curious!
    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Viola! Very cool 🙂 For the detergent you can use the ordinary chestnuts that you collect in the fall.

      Stay clean,

  6. Moin
    I stumbled across this site quite by accident and was surprised to find that there is actually a
    " Youngster " not only thinks, but also tackles ....

    You can save a lot of plastic, of course, if you make your own cleaning products and cosmetics. do not worry - in most cases is a matter of 5 min. and in my cosmetics are all things except aluminum, formaldehyde, etc..

    I have taken the time at the last purchase in the "organic market Aleco" and looked closely: What in this so-called organic market (advertising slogan: "everything ecological, everything organic") stands around in plastic packaging, is frightening. Should you find such stores, make the fellows steam under the chair in the form of an official letter of complaint (of course to the head office) under threat that one will make advertisement of the special kind for this store. It works... even Edeka reacts in the meantime.

    1. Hi Iris! Thank you for your feedback! 🙂

      That's right - our community is growing and growing and each of us is so able to force change. We give it our all Iris.

      Stay clean,

  7. We find your commitment super!!!

    For our part, we have started to save forests in Germany from deforestation and thus protect the environment and the climate. Maybe we can start an action together! We would be happy if we could get in contact - check us out at

  8. Hello Christoph,
    bravo, super commitment- hopefully this will be a great movement.

    I appreciate your page/posts/collections- and am doing my best to get to a good level for my carbon footprint/mill generation.

    Warm regards,
    S. Biener

    1. Hi Stephanie! Super thank you for your feedback and your attitude!

      Links I must unfortunately always take out, because unfortunately a lot of nonsense comes in and I can not check everything individually. Thanks for your understanding.

      LG Christoph

  9. Greetings to each other,
    finally a page where there are tips and tricks and how to tackle where.
    I'm really looking forward to helping out somehow and somewhere with all the people.

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