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How to make a plastic pollution Beach CleanUp

Make a Beach CleanUp - This is how it works

Even though beach vacations are mostly for relaxation, be sure to get your own Beach CleanUp organize. The natural environment of many classic travel destinations is now littered with plastic waste, which would remain there for a long time without the help of environmentally conscious people. It's time to organize your first CleanUp on the beach on your next vacation. From my own experience, I can tell you that this CleanUp will give you a fantastic feeling. Not only because you are doing something environmentally conscious, but also because it brings like-minded people together. I have met many people who, like me, are passionate about a clean environment and have discovered these CleanUps as a community event for themselves. That's why today I want to explain to you in more detail why you should do a Beach CleanUp and how easy it is to organize your environmental action.

Notice: Join our worldwide Beach CleanUp community on Facebook and share your own actions against the Plastic waste in the sea. At Beach CleanUps worldwide you will also find a wonderful overview of the majority of CleanUp campaigns around the world.

Why a Beach CleanUp is so incredibly valuable

My motivation for the Beach CleanUps on the beaches of this world is so great for various reasons. I would like to make you briefly aware of this motivation with the following 5 points for your own Beach CleanUp:

Reason #1 Plastic in the environment does not decompose

As plastic is not biodegradable, it does not simply decompose in nature. Discarded plastic bottles, for example, remain in the ocean for 450 years until they are broken down into smaller microplastics by wind and weather. In the detailed article What plastic waste in the environment you will learn much more about the effects of plastic in nature. Because the fact that plastic waste is not biodegradable is one of many reasons to organize your own Beach CleanUp.

Reason #2 You set a sign

In Sri Lanka, I simply started my Beach CleanUp without any organization. After I started, a few locals joined me and in the evening we discussed plastic waste on the beaches together in a larger group. A CleanUp campaign therefore draws more attention to the plastic waste problem. And in places where people were previously unaware of it, as the level of education is not at all comparable to Western cultures. That's why a CleanUp can turn your vacation into a sustainable journey be

Reason #3 You bathe in the sun and do good

With your own Beach CleanUp, you can hang out on the beach and develop yourself personally at the same time. Because such an environmentally conscious action also has a positive influence on your personal attitude. You will certainly consume more consciously in the future and think more sensibly about your purchases. Positive side effect: you'll still turn brown, of course!

Reason #4 You meet fantastic people and bring them together

For me personally, this is a very important reason for organizing my own Beach CleanUp. Because with such campaigns you immediately get to know like-minded people with whom you can share your attitude. And in our Facebook group Plastic Garbage CleanUp Group (worldwide), we all stay in touch and share future campaigns. This brings us together and creates a really positive atmosphere. There is no suffering in this group, there are only people worldwide who are making sure that plastic waste does not end up in the oceans.

Reason #5 You collect massive karma points

You need a lot of motivation for a Beach CleanUp. I get my motivation from the first 4 points on this list of reasons to do your own Beach CleanUp. The last reason is for your mind. Your eco-conscious attitude is part of your personality and will help to ensure that you are properly Collect karma points. At some point you will benefit from it again, I'm sure.

Tip: Take a look at the article Collecting garbage on vacation inside. It will give you even more motivation to take the initiative on your next trip.

How to organize your own Beach CleanUp

You can also start your Beach CleanUp on your own and hope that as many people as possible will come along to help you. But it will definitely be more effective and fun if you plan your CleanUp with some lead time and mobilize as many supporters as possible. Simply use these 8 steps for your own successful Beach CleanUp:

Beach CleanUp Step #1 Determine Place & Time of Your CleanUp

As with any other event, you should first determine the time and place of your Beach CleanUp. Find a beach that is really full of plastic waste and really needs your help. Otherwise, simply ask the locals who know where the beaches are full of plastic waste. In countries like India, Sri Lanka, Thailand or Indonesia (see Beach CleanUp Diary Indonesia), the search won't take long. Unfortunately, you'll find a lot of plastic waste on almost every beach there. I suggest 7-10 am and 4-8 pm for your Beach CleanUp, especially in these warm countries. In less hot countries, of course, the optimal time varies. Just decide by feeling what time is best for your Beach CleanUp. Then do the activity in our Facebook group for Beach CleanUps or just generally as a Facebook event fix.

Beach CleanUp Step #2 Mobilize like-minded people for support

If you have a lot of Facebook friends in your area, you will already have a large group of supporters. As this is often not the rule abroad, you should simply look for support in your hotel/hostel, at schools, in bars & restaurants or other establishments. Approach people openly. You don't want to sell them something, you want to do something really valuable for the environment. You'll quickly find like-minded people who will be happy to help you with your CleanUp. Incidentally, word gets around faster than you think at many vacation destinations. This way, more people than expected can be on site for your campaign.

Beach CleanUp Step #3 Get bags for the CleanUp

Depending on your location, you can either go to the nearest supermarket and buy sturdy plastic bags or use these classic rice bags. In countries like Indonesia or Thailand, you can get these bags on almost every corner. Especially if you tell them what you plan to do with them. It is important that the bags for your CleanUp do not tear open with the first sharp object. If many supporters have pledged, you will of course have to get even more bags. This will make your Beach CleanUp super effective! And you won't normally need any more material.

Beach CleanUp Step #4 Schedule the collection of plastic waste

This is one of the reasons why many people don't even start their own CleanUp. However, collecting the bin bags after the CleanUp is usually straightforward. Try to find a collection point near your CleanUp. In Sri Lanka, for example, there was a collection point for waste nearby that was picked up once a day by a tractor. However, it is even better to find a waste management organization that collects the waste after your CleanUp. In Indonesia, for example, there are the organizations Eco-Bali or Bank Sampah. (Thanks to Melissa from for the tip!)

Beach CleanUp Step #5 Mark the CleanUp Area

This is important so that everyone knows where to collect the plastic waste and to gain new supporters. The easiest way is to mark out the beginning and end of the CleanUp area with two surfboards. You should attach two cardboard signs to the surfboards asking for help. Add a few bin liners. This way, anyone else who joins you later can also get started.

Beach CleanUp Step #6 Start Beach CleanUp

Just start collecting the plastic waste and try to get more supporters along the way. Since coconut shells and other biodegradable natural products do not need to be collected, you should focus on plastics that would remain in the environment for many decades and centuries. Plastic bottles (approx. 450 years), tin cans (approx. 200 years), fishing lines (approx. 600 years), baby diapers (approx. 450 years) and plastic bags (approx. 10-20 years) are just a few of the many things you will find on the world's beaches that urgently need to be collected.

Beach CleanUp Step #7 Take photos & videos of the action!

We share and like thousands of photos and videos every day. Most of this is nonsense, but it has a lot of reach. To ensure that your environmentally conscious attitude also reaches many other people, you should capture the action in photos and videos so that you can share them later. This way, you can show that Beach CleanUps are not only environmentally friendly, but also really fun. After all, working together against plastic waste brings people together and creates friendships. Share your action in our joint Beach CleanUp group and get a little pat on the back from the community. You've earned it. 😉

Beach CleanUp Step #8 Be aware of the reasons for plastic waste and share your action with others.

If you share your action, you should also make yourself aware of the reasons for all the plastic waste at the location of your Beach CleanUp. That way, you might be able to make a lasting difference. In Sri Lanka, there are far too few garbage bins and free plastic bags and plastic bottles with every purchase. In addition, people's attitude towards environmental protection is not very pronounced due to a lack of educational measures.

Just ask yourself the cause question again before you share your action on social media. I recommend you share the action on your Facebook profile, on Twitter, on your blog (if you have one) or even on Instagram and Pinterest. Be sure to become part of our worldwide Facebook group for Nature and Beach CleanUpsand share your action with like-minded people.

Make the difference with a Beach CleanUp

Finally, here is a wonderful overview of the wonderful people who organize unique CleanUp's around the world. Wherever you are, you are sure to find a CleanUp near you that you can support.

Otherwise, here are eight simple steps you can take to organize your own Beach CleanUp. And in such a way that it is sustainable and effective. Feel free to send me your actions. I'm always happy to see them. Good luck with your own Beach CleanUp, make the world a little bit better!

Stay clean,

Plastic waste Beach CleanUp make

PS: Removing plastic waste from the environment is one thing. The other thing is to prevent plastic waste from being created in the first place. In the article Plastic free - life without plastic you will learn how to produce less plastic waste and live more sustainably!

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

I'm Christoph, an environmental scientist and author - and here at CareElite I'm campaigning against plastic waste in the environment, climate change and all the other major environmental problems of our time. Together with other environmentally conscious bloggers, I want to give you tips & tricks for a naturally healthy, sustainable life as well as your personal development.

2 thoughts on “Mache ein Beach CleanUp – So geht’s”

  1. Hello Christoph,
    I am a "thing finder". I especially enjoy finding driftwood, shells, stones, etc. on the beach. Every year we go to Crete. There are incredibly beautiful things to find on the water. Last year, however, I saw nothing of all the beautiful things. I saw only plastic, garbage, garbage. The more I focused my gaze, the more I saw.
    The desire to clean up became stronger and in my own household I have already greatly reduced plastic and found alternatives.
    In January, I will start my first trash collection campaign, near my apartment building. If I'm lucky, a few neighbors will join in. So I have resolved to collect a few kilometers of garbage in each month. Let's see how much comes together at the end of 2019.
    Starting in March, I will be traveling with my husband by motor home through Eastern Europe for 6 months, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia ...... I want to continue my garbage collection campaigns there.
    You have already given good tips on starting collection campaigns. I would still like to know how I can still get support? My stomach aches especially when I ask how I can get in touch with those who pick up the full garbage bags. Perhaps we can exchange a little. Best regards Kerstin

    1. Hi Kerstin, that's great!
      To your questions:
      Depending on where you are exactly, Google may help you - just search for "waste disposal" in the respective place to find contacts there. In our worldwide Beach CleanUp group on Facebook is also a large list of people from all over the world who are campaigning against plastic waste. There you can certainly find one or two contacts.
      You can get support by either creating a Facebook event for the CleanUp or asking around locally and publicizing the exact date 🙂
      I wish you maximum success and think it's great what you're doing!
      Stay clean,

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