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Christoph Schulz

I'm Christoph, an environmental scientist and author - and here at CareElite I'm campaigning against plastic waste in the environment, climate change and all the other major environmental problems of our time. Together with other environmentally conscious bloggers, I want to give you tips & tricks for a naturally healthy, sustainable life as well as your personal development.

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Workout Equipment Made From Wood

Sustainable Gym Equipment – 10 Wooden Eco-Friendly Fitness Products For Your Workouts

Are you looking for sustainable fitness equipment? Then you've come to the right place! If you enjoy sports and want to combine this hobby with an environmentally friendly lifestyle, you shouldn't compromise on your own sports equipment either. 

Bee-friendly Berries – Edible, Native Shrubs With Berries That Insects Love

Bee-friendly Berries – 10 Native Shrubs With Berries That Wild Bees And Insects Love

Du suchst insektenfreundliche Beerensträucher, die heimische Wildbienen, Käfer, Schmetterlinge und andere Insekten lieben? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Die meisten Menschen pflanzen Beeren im eigenen Garten eigentlich, um sie…