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Here in the Office Blog you learn to act more sustainably in your job and in your home office. Many people unknowingly cause harm to our environment. Whether in their profession in self-employment or as an employee.

You're off to a great start with these blog posts:

Why a sustainable office blog is important

Many Environmental problems of our time are exacerbated by our own everyday professional lives. Therefore, this blog helps to educate our society in this regard and to consciously favor sustainable professions. Since we spend a long time of our lives in the office, it is especially important to me that we behave sustainably in the workplace and Recognize optimization potential. This can be for example Ideas for a paperless office be. In the end, the important thing is to keep developing professionally in terms of environmental protection and sustainability.

Why I am office blogger

For one thing, I want each of us to pursue a job that adds value to ourselves, to our health, and to our environment. The profession, which one pursues 40 hours and more in the week, should increase the well-being of all living beings in the long run. Another reason that I am active as a blogger for office and work is that it is important to me that in our society is thought about the impact of investments and not only practiced profiteering. Just take a look around the work blog and get inspired.

PS: Just comment on the respective post if you have ideas, suggestions or questions about it. Have fun!

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