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Plogging - jogging and collecting trash as a workout

Plogging - trend sport to pick up trash

Have you heard about the trendy sport Plogging heard? Jogging in combination with garbage collection is becoming more and more popular! And for good health and environmental reasons. It keeps you fit and makes our environment cleaner.

In this post I'd like to introduce you to the new sport of plogging and show you how easy it is to combine running with litter picking.

Here is another short Table of contents for you:

  1. Definition
  2. Advantages
  3. Here's how
  4. Closing words

Tip: Not only in everyday sporting life, but also when traveling, you can actively ensure that waste gradually disappears from our environment. Do a CleanUp on the beach for example or support organizations on vacation collecting garbage.

What is plogging exactly?

Plogging refers to an outdoor sport, in which people go running equipped with gloves and a garbage bag to collect garbage from the environment and return it to the recycling loop.

The enthusiasm for the trend sport has developed in Sweden in 2016. The Swedish environmental activist and outdoor sportsman Erik Ahlström is considered the initiator. In a very short time, plogging then became popular in many other countries as well.

The name of the sport is simply derived from the words "jogging" and "Plocka". The latter means "to collect" in Swedish.

Notice: Not only jogging can collect garbage! That is why also similar sounding sports developed from walking, hiking/walking and cycling. They are then simply called pliking, plalking and plycling.

What are the benefits that make plogging so popular?

Plogging - collecting garbage and running

The nature sport of plogging connects. It not only connects people with positive attitudes, but also combines the fields of interest of environmental protection, educational work, as well as fitness and health. Here are the main advantages of the sport:

  • Friendship: Of course, you can also go plogging alone - but it's even more fun together with others. In doing so, you get to know like-minded people with whom you can also exchange ideas beyond the trend sport.
  • Environmental Protection & Commitment: Plastic waste in the environment belongs to the largest Environmental problems of our time. As a plogger, you make sure that the plastic goes where it belongs: in the yellow garbage can.
  • Awareness: Even though at first glance garbage collection may only combat the symptoms of our garbage problem, at second glance it does provide for the enlightenment of our society. Because jogging through the city with a garbage bag is conspicuous because it is something new. Interest in this enlightening trend sport is growing accordingly.
  • Fitness: Plogging is a super strenuous workout! Stretching, bending, squatting, running, jogging and carrying. That this sport makes you fit needs no further explanation.
  • Health: Instead of sitting on the sofa, you actively do something good for your health. Ploggers exercise regularly and do good. And doing good is good for the heart!

Question: Can you think of any other reasons why plogging is so popular? Then feel free to write a comment below this article.

How does plogging work?

Plogging - collecting garbage and running

Actually, you could also say: just get started! Nevertheless, I want to explain to you here in a few but decisive words how to plog properly. In the following, you will learn what you need for plogging and where you can practice this new sport.

What do you need for plogging?

Of course, you can also simply collect trash while running. But plogging is more hygienic and effective with just a few items. Here you can find out what you need for plogging besides running shoes:

  • Gloves (e.g. classic work gloves)
  • Garbage bag (e.g. a garbage bag or a sturdy cloth bag)

Tip: If you go plogging with others and the route is not completely littered, not everyone usually needs their own garbage bag. You can save it for the next run.

Where and with whom can you go plogging?

It's nice that you are now equipped. But where can you go plogging and find people who want to do it? Here are some places for you to go:

  • Parks, forests and anywhere you can walk well (you don't have to worry about the garbage - unfortunately it's everywhere today)
  • Facebook pages and groups (e.g. Plogging Germany or Plogging Berlin Germany)
  • Existing running clubs near you (e.g. Adidas Runners or Nike Run Club)
  • Sustainable company outing with the company (joint, sports-social commitment)
  • Self-organized running club and Facebook group (if there is no plogging group near you, just take the reins yourself).

Tip: Plogging doesn't always have to be planned in advance. Even during an ordinary run in the park, you can of course collect trash along the way and dispose of it in the available trash cans.

Plogging - jogging and collecting garbage for a clean environment

The beauty of plogging is that there is simply nothing to be bad about it. Or can you think of something? Plogging is simply fun because it combines education of our society, environmental protection, health and activities with friends.

Do you have any questions, tips or your own experiences with the sport of plogging that you would like to share? Then feel free to write a comment below this post.

Stay sustainable,

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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