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Use tea bags without plastic and avoid tea with plastic

Recognize and use tea bags without plastic

Were you aware that it was actually Tea bag with plastic is there? It's unbelievable that plastic is allowed to be in our brewed tea at all, isn't it? Of course, this is anything but healthy. Disposing of tea bags in organic waste is of course also not correct. Normally, it is the job of politicians and businesses to avoid such problems. But as smart consumers, we are simply taking the lead once again.

In this article, you can find out in a nutshell which teas contain plastic and which teabags are plastic-free. I'll also show you how you can enjoy your tea completely plastic-free. Let's go!

Tip: Take a look at the article about hidden plastic in everyday lifeto get to know many more products with plastic that you probably wouldn't have expected.

Are there really tea bags with plastic?

Recognize tea filter without plastic

Yes, they do exist. A short but clear answer. Even though many tea bags are made of biodegradable cellulose, there are unfortunately still many that are supposed to be made more stable by adding plastic.

A cup of tea brewed with a plastic tea bag contains around 16 micrograms of plastic.₁

A scientific study from Canada₂ has confirmed this. The scientists found that from just one single plastic tea bag, around 11.6 billion Microplastics-particles and around 3.1 billion nanoplastic particles into the brewed tea water.

In this study, tea bags with the plastics nylon and polyethylene (PET) were examined.

Overview of plastic-free teabags

Recognize and use tea bags without plastic

At the latest after the findings of the above-mentioned study, you should actually be deterred enough to go on a targeted search for plastic-free teabags. Even though I now usually enjoy my tea loose, I have already completed this search. Here are some tea brands whose tea bags are plastic-free:

  • Alnatura
  • Tea campaign
  • Yogi Tea
  • Pukka
  • Tree of Life
  • Goldman
  • Dennree
  • Sonnentor
  • Meßmer

Question: Do you know any other manufacturers that offer tea bags without plastic? Then write me a comment with your tip.

How can you enjoy tea safely without plastic?

Stainless steel tea filter for loose tea

Of course you can do it without bags! After all, tea in its conventional form is loose. Here are two key tips to help you drink tea without bags in the future.

Buy tea loose

There are several places to buy loose tea. Of course, not all of them are available everywhere, but you might be able to get your tea here:

  • Unpacked store
  • Classic tea store
  • Weekly market

Good to know:Teas are real miracle weapons! Did you know that teas such as gingko or ginseng can evenEffect of sildeanfilcan unfold? This is the active ingredient that has made Viagra pills so popular. ?

Brewing tea in a stainless steel tea filter

Now you have the loose tea at home. All you need now is a classic tea filter into which you then sprinkle the tea. Then simply place or hang it in the carafe or cup in which you want to brew the tea - and you're done. After a few minutes, you can enjoy your tea without a tea bag.

Here you get the plastic free stainless steel tea strainer*

Prefer tea bags without plastic or unpackaged tea

As you can see, it really exists: the tea bag with plastic. It is allowed to be produced in Germany and unfortunately also sold in supermarkets. Therefore, it is important to know the tea bags with plastic and also its healthy and sustainable alternatives. I hope that I could help you a little bit with this post.

Do you have questions, tips or suggestions on the subject of tea bags without or with plastic? Then feel free to leave me a comment.

Stay clean,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: So plastic can be hidden in tea bags. I was similarly surprised when I found out that many Chewing gums contain plastic. You can find out more in the linked article.

₁,₂ L. Hernandez, E. Genbo Xu, Hans C. E. Larsson; et al: Plastic Teabags Release Billions of Microparticles and Nanoparticles into Tea, available at [19.11.2019].

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

I'm Christoph, an environmental scientist and author - and here at CareElite I'm campaigning against plastic waste in the environment, climate change and all the other major environmental problems of our time. Together with other environmentally conscious bloggers, I want to give you tips & tricks for a naturally healthy, sustainable life as well as your personal development.

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  1. Hello Christoph,

    I have been drinking tea of the Lord Nelson brand from Lidl for ages. The manufacturer is also Meßmer! Do you know if Meßmer also uses plastic-free tea bags for the discounter brands?


    1. Hello Michael! Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, I do not know about this tea. Feel free to ask the manufacturer - I'll add the info here if you let me know 🙂

      Thank you and best regards

  2. Hi Christoph,

    thank you for the important and interesting post. The tea brand Cupper also has plastic-free tea bags! 😉

    Love greetings

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