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Welcome to the category "Leaderboards"where I present my top recommendations for a wide range of products from all areas of everyday life. In our fast-paced world, it can often be difficult to filter out the really good products from the plethora on offer. As I also recommend sustainable products from time to time at CareElite, I would like to put them together for you in this blog.

Why you'll find leaderboards in this blog

Whether natural cosmetics, mobility, finance or household goods - here I take a look at the scrutinizing look at products from the most diverse areas of our everyday lives and compare them with each other to determine the best of them.

Based on thorough research, reviews from other people and my own experience, I put together lists that can help you find the best and most sustainable alternatives to conventional products. You will also find the Online stores where you can order them directly.

Each article here is intended to provide a clear and honest assessment so that you can ultimately make an informed decision simply by following your heart.

Why I blog about the best products

I firmly believe that each of us should have the opportunity to discover the best products for our needs. But sometimes the research takes so much time that you don't take the most sustainable route after all. These recommendations skip the pre-selection and make the decision easier.

I would like to introduce you to the Save time and money and generally promote more sustainable consumption in our society. By always highlighting the best products here, people automatically opt for high-quality and sustainable alternatives.

Now I wish you lots of fun with the leaderboards!

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