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Storage tin

  • Beautiful storage tin for storing small food
  • With natural bamboo lid for closing
  • Perfect for food storage without plastic and harmful substances
  • Completely recyclable storage can
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The Storage tin without plastic is perfect for the plastic free storage of food suitable. A beautiful, natural bamboo lid closes the container securely and the contents are stored in the can hygienically safe and airtight. Thus, the storage tin with the bamboo lid closes your food aroma-tight, so that the different flavors, for example, of spices, do not mix or evaporate.

Especially in the kitchen and when storing food, you should make sure not to use plastic. Glass or ceramics are excellent and healthy alternatives. Not only will you be doing something good for your health, but you'll also be acting in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. This is because the materials of the storage can are recyclable and can be handed in at the respective recycling stations.

Why plastic free storage tin with bamboo lid?

The can with bamboo lid convinces with the use of sustainable materials. This allows you to store your food free of BPA, plastic and other harmful substances. At the same time, the use of ecological materials is also important for the environment, as no unnecessary plastic is produced and eventually disposed of in the environment.

The bamboo lid gives the storage box a particularly beautiful wooden look. This makes the storage boxes an eye-catcher in your kitchen. So you can easily keep order and at the same time make your kitchen beautiful. However, the bamboo lid not only looks good, but it also seals the food airtight and aroma-proof.

The storage tin without plastic is suitable for safe and airtight storage of tea, coffee, spices and herbs or other small food.

Storage tin without plastic for healthy food

  • Storage tin without plastic
  • Natural and beautiful bamboo lid
  • Recyclable materials
  • Airtight seal of the food

Make your kitchen plastic free with the storage tin

The storage jars are just the right size to store smaller food items such as rice, cereal grains, seeds or nuts. Ideal also for herbs, because the tins are light-protected and aroma-proof. If you like, you can buy the environmentally friendly storage tin without plastic online here.


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