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Paper bags

  • Paper bags without print
  • Ideal as a gift bag at the Advent calendar
  • Easy to label and decorate for full creativity
  • Sustainable alternative to plastic bags or wrapping paper
  • Plastic-free from packaging to paper bag
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If you want to make your own gifts or tidy things up a bit, you can get these Buy paper bags. They are equally suitable for both and are also much more sustainable than plastic bags, wrapping paper & Co. In addition, they are opaque and stable, so they do not tear. With some decoration, the paper bags also look really good and especially with gifts it is always nicer and more personal if you have made something yourself.

You can check out these Clothespins and buy the paper bags and make beautiful and creative gifts with them. For example, a homemade Advent calendar or favors for weddings, little things at St. Nicholas or Easter. There are no limits to your imagination. You can simply write on the paper bags, paint them or attach flowers to the paper bag with clothespins. At Easter or St. Nicholas, for example, you could cut out an Easter bunny or a St. Nicholas hat from newspaper and glue it to the paper bag.

If you want to keep things tidy again, it is also a good idea to buy paper bags. For example, you can sort jewelry and store in them. Of course, it is especially nice if you then decorate the bags accordingly, for example, paint a ring on the bag with rings. In the kitchen, you can store insensitive spices that retain their aroma in these small paper bags. The paper bags are of course suitable for storing everything that is small and wants to be organized.

Reasons why it is worth buying paper bags

The paper bags are especially suitable as sustainable gift packaging, because it is a natural raw material that is biodegradable. They are also quite sturdy, easy to glue, cut and decorate. Once you decorate them a little more, they are also a real eye-catcher. Thus, the paper bags are definitely a more environmentally friendly solution for wrapping gifts than wrapping paper. And at the same time the recipient sees that you have taken the trouble to decorate the bags individually for him.

Besides, you can buy the paper bags and use them for many different purposes. Either as an organizational aid to keep things tidy or as a gift bag to please your loved ones. And of course, you can use the paper bags all year round. If you don't use up all the bags at once, you can simply use the rest at Easter, St. Nicholas or for Advent.

Here again the advantages of paper bags at a glance

  • 100 paper bags without print
  • Ideal as a gift bag, e.g. for the Advent calendar
  • Easy to label, stick and decorate for full creativity
  • Good alternative to plastic bag or wrapping paper
  • Plastic free organization aid

I can really recommend you to buy the paper bags as they are a nice, eco-friendly and flexible alternative to plastic bags and wrapping paper. If you want, you can order them online here.


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