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Hemp coffee filter


  • Reusable reusable hemp coffee filter
  • Simply empty and rinse after making coffee
  • The ideal, sustainable replacement for disposable coffee filters
  • tasteless, easy to clean
  • Plastic-free - from the packaging to the coffee filter!

These reusable and sustainable Hemp coffee filter are super easy to use and are suitable for both coffee machines and hand filters. They are made from the ecological natural material hemp, which is regionally cultivable. Plus, hemp is easy to clean and tasteless, so you can enjoy your morning coffee in all its fullness. The filters come in a convenient plastic-free set, so you always have a dry filter on hand.

Compared to disposable filters, these coffee filters are very environmentally friendly. Ordinary coffee filters are disposable products that you already dispose of after one use. In the long run, this results not only in a higher consumption of resources than with reusable products, but also in a whole lot of waste that has to be disposed of. In the long run, reusable coffee filters made of fabric not only protect the environment, but also your wallet.

You put the coffee in the filter and brew it normally. If you like your coffee strong, you can also use two filters at the same time. Afterwards, you can empty the coffee grounds, rinse the ecological hemp coffee filter briefly and then let it air dry, for example on a clothes horse. Then you can use the filter again.

The advantages of sustainable fabric coffee filters

Filters made of the environmentally friendly material hemp are tasteless, easy to clean and resource-saving. They are easy to handle and can be reused without much effort. Due to the long shelf life and the regional hemp cultivation, you improve your sustainability balance. As already mentioned, you also save money in the long run if you don't have to buy new disposable filters again and again. The hemp coffee filters are delivered in a set and are plastic-free from product to packaging.

Here once again summarized all the advantages of hemp coffee filters

  • reusable and resource-saving
  • sustainable natural material hemp
  • completely free from plastic
  • easy to use
  • tasteless for full enjoyment

I really recommend you to get the hemp coffee filters to save resources and your wallet in the future, while enjoying the full coffee taste.




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