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Do It Yourself

If you want to live in the spirit of the Zero Waste lifestyle and make less waste, you can also simply make everyday things yourself from natural ingredients. At Do It Yourself Blog you'll find tips and tricks for making your own care products, natural cosmetics, dishes, and soon even furniture. This way, you not only avoid a lot of plastic waste, but also learn a lot. Isn't it cool when you can make things yourself? With the Do It Yourself Blog I would like to give you the best tips and tricks.

What do you learn from the Do It Yourself Blog?

I like to be a tinkerer and hobbyist and I also get a lot of inspiration from other people to make things myself. Before you buy some expensive and mostly chemically processed industrial product, you can also make something yourself and have a real emotional connection to it afterwards. That's what the Do It Yourself Blog is for! The following things you can expect and learn here in the blog:

Make natural cosmetics yourself: It's about avoiding chemical ingredients and plastic waste. That's why I explain to you in the natural cosmetics blog how you can, for example, make your own Make deodorant yourself can. Use natural ingredients for a healthier life.

Making household remedies yourself: If you want to avoid plastic waste in the household, you only have to look at the many bottles for washing-up liquid or detergent. You can also do it naturally! I show you therefore in the Do It Yourself Blog step by step how you can use household products like Make detergent yourself simply by following your heart.

Cook delicious dishes yourself: Ready-made meals from plastic bags make an incredible amount of waste! In the Do It Yourself Blog, you can learn how to cook delicious, healthy dishes yourself in a short time. For example, you will learn how to make Make vegan cashew cream yourself can!

Make furniture yourself: You always wanted to make your own coffee table? Or cabinets, beds and Co. In the Do It Yourself Blog I will show you more and more how you can make your own furniture. Here you come directly to the DIY Furniture Blog.

Why I am a Do It Yourself Blogger?

Because with the Do It Yourself Blog I can eliminate some useless consumption in our society and teach people something. It is not always necessary to buy everything for expensive money. As Do It Yourself Blogger I want to give instructions to do it yourself and show that it is super easy to learn new things. At the same time you avoid a lot of plastic waste, save a lot of money and produce things you can be proud of. These are some of the reasons I am a Do It Yourself blogger.