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Minimalism - How to live a minimalist lifestyle

Minimalism - How the minimalist life works!

Have you ever thought about living minimalist? What does it even mean Minimalism and what do you get out of it in the end? Minimalism gets you to really clean out your home and helps you focus on the important things in life. To live more plastic freeI also got rid of a lot of things from my apartment. It is unbelievable how superfluous some things were in my life, even if I had the need to buy these things at some point.

In this article you will learn what is behind the minimalist lifestyle and what are the great advantages of this lifestyle. In addition, I explain the optimal approach to minimalist living based on my personal experiences and show you how you can also live minimalist in the long term. Many people find it more difficult than they think to "clean out". The real challenge is waiting for you after you have started with minimalism.

Due to the length here a short Table of contents for this minimalism article:

  1. Minimalism?
  2. Advantages
  3. 10 tips
  4. Methods
  5. Closet
  6. Stay minimalist
  7. Conclusion

What is minimalism, anyway?

Minimalism - The minimalist life in the office
A minimalist office - With only the most necessary things.

Minimalism is a lifestyle where you get rid of superfluous things in order to be freer and to be able to focus on the really important things in your life. The minimalism lifestyle has emerged as an alternative to the consumerist affluent society and shows that you should not indiscriminately buy and consume things without thinking carefully about whether you really need these things.

Minimalism means cleaning up your life and creating structure. Structure means overview, clarity and focus on important things. Minimalism is, in short, the answer to the question of what things in your life really add value to you.
Minimalism, however, does not only refer to material things, of course, but to what should really be important in every life. For me these are:

  • Health: Make sure that you stay healthy and can move and experience as much in life as you set out to do.
  • Relationship / Friendship: Form relationships and friendships that make you happy and keep your distance from people who don't give you that feeling.
  • Passion: Do things that fulfill you 100% and awaken your passion.
  • Personal Development: Learn and become more valuable every day. Trade stress for productivity and take on inspiring tasks.

Tip: The frugal lifestyle thinks minimalism a bit more extreme. Frugalists pursue the long-term goal of accumulating so much money through a frugal lifestyle that they don't have to work until retirement. If you're interested, you can also read the linked article. 

Everyone defines minimalism differently

If you have a slightly different definition of minimalism, it's no wonder. Because everyone defines minimalism differently. It's important to understand what minimalist living means to everyone personally. Basically, though, I can say one thing for sure: minimalism makes room for new exciting things! Before we continue with the benefits of minimalism, I must briefly two prejudices Eliminate the need for minimalism:

  • Minimalists have only 100 things in their lives: In the newspaper we often read about hardcore minimalists. But depending on their personal attitude, minimalists also have significantly more than 100 things. You should not see minimalists with 100 things as a deterrent, but rather see this value as a possibility of how far minimalism can really go.
  • A minimalist spends no money and is a "penny fox." It's easy to say, but it's not true. As a minimalist, you simply take better care to spend your money only on meaningful and necessary things that add value.

Everyone tells something different about minimalists, it's important to me that you don't let anything scare you away, because minimalism can be a real enrichment for your life. Only you decide which things are important for you and which are not. Now I want to show you what makes the minimalist lifestyle so valuable.

The 4 big advantages - Why live minimalist?

Minimalism. All well and good. But what are the big advantages of minimalist living? To bring this 100%ig across, I'd like to briefly give a little interjection of my personal opinion on consumerism today. Driven by thousands of marketing campaigns, we are pushed to make purchases these days because we have a wide range of choices. Possessions are a real identity substitute these days: my house, my boat, my car, my watch. Too many people become actors by replacing (especially on social media) their actual life with a make-believe world, sharing it with people and doing things that just don't have any direct added value to their actual life. This shows desperation and insecurity rather than a truly fulfilled life. Therefore, I would like to show you the great advantages of minimalism:

More money in your pocket through minimalism

Who lives minimalist, also spends less money. Because who makes a detour around useless things has more money for really important things in life. In addition, you will probably incur less debt if you do without a big car or a huge, over-the-top apartment. If you don't have a car, you won't pay car insurance and you'll save on gas or repair costs. You'll also pay fewer fees for the Disposal of your e-waste or plastic waste if you live plastic-free and minimalist.

Be happier through minimalism

Fewer possessions, but more experiences and memories. The people around you also make you who you are. Your stress decreases and you have fewer obligations. For example, possessions also need to be repaired and maintained. You have all the freedom to plan things much more easily. Because possessions are always a burden in some ways. You definitely have less fear of loss. Because the more you own, the more you worry about your possessions. Also, since you need less money, your burden of work goes down. So minimalism makes you happier and helps you to own only things that you yourself consider important and valuable.

Minimalism saves you time

For example, minimalism allows you to clean and tidy less and helps you find things faster. This is because your minimalist lifestyle gives you more space in your home. You're more organized because minimalism gives your life more structure. No untidy closets, no information overload, no chaos. You definitely become calmer and more serene. Especially women certainly know the phenomenon of the agony of choice. Through a cleaned out closet, the search for the right outfit goes faster. You are freer and detached from the obligations of society. For example, take the time you have gained, to experience more nature.

Live healthier through Minimalism

Increased energy, a better mood and more time outdoors push your health! You can sleep significantly better and strengthen your defenses. By living a minimalist lifestyle, you focus on the things that add value to you and your body: You get cleaner skin and reduce the risk of getting sick. Through minimalism you learn to appreciate and enjoy things. It's the same with your diet. You'll also do your health a favor by decreasing stress through fewer obligations and simplified planning.

Owning little automatically means having more space, time and money and having to worry less. This package will most likely make you happier. I can think of absolutely no reason not to live minimalist.

10 things that promote your minimalist life

Living minimalist in the hammock
A minimalist also sometimes takes time for absolute relaxation

You know the big advantages of minimalism now, but what does it look like in practice? How do you live minimalist, or how do you start?

1. "No advertising" on the mailbox

Put a sticker with "No advertising" on your mailbox. This way you can Avoid plastic waste and will be less burdened by the pile of advertising brochures in your mailbox.

2. TV to the side

I haven't watched TV for a very long time and only use it when we have a Fifa evening on the Playstation. In the spirit of minimalism, you should remove your TV from the apartment for a few days and see if you really need it. Today's TV program doesn't really give you anything except new fears and a great potential for stultification. If you feel the same way, you can sell your TV.

3. Clean up PC desktop

Yes, that's right. Even the PC's own desk can be tidied up. In a completely minimalist way. Is there a nicer feeling than a sparkling clean, tidy desktop? 😉

4. Meditate daily

Minimalism also means focusing more on yourself. I meditate for 15 minutes a day and reflect on what makes me strong and eliminate things that may be weighing me down. Here I can recommend the app "Calm", where you can choose different meditation courses and also set reminders.

5. Do without the Internet for a while

Especially the Internet makes our world so fast-paced. We are flooded with information and we just need a break from that too. On my Indonesia trip the power goes out from time to time. So it's ideal to enjoy the time without the Internet. Again, the focus on yourself is really high.

6. Go out into nature

The connection to nature has been lost to us in recent years. But there is nothing that is more reassuring than to be in the nature. Living minimalistically also means regaining focus on our nature.

7. Spend time with friends

Spend more time with the people who make you happy. You will quickly realize that friendships are the most important thing - and that material things are actually of little importance.

8. Cancel unimportant appointments

Do you sometimes have appointments that you think are completely unnecessary? Some meetings give you no added value and only steal your time? Then don't be too shy to cancel an appointment. So learn, say no to be able

9. Make clear decisions

Admittedly, making clear decisions is sometimes not so easy. But no one needs a "yes". Neither you yourself, nor your conversation partner. Because that means insecurity. If you want to live a minimalist life, you should limit yourself to a clear yes or no.

10. Limit your social media activity

Social media changes by the second and means stress for many people. Whether it's the content itself that stresses you out, or just the mass of information. If you want to live the minimalist lifestyle, then think carefully about which social media at what point in time really represent added value in your life. Often it's just boredom that drives you to Facebook and the like.

Minimalism - 4 methods and approaches for beginners

Some people find it easy to separate things, others find it totally difficult. Separation also needs to be learned. Afterwards you will surely be happy, but the way there is often not as easy as it seems at first. To help you, I have summarized here the 4 methods of approach to minimalist living for beginners:


The title is almost self-explanatory. In this method of minimalism for beginners, the first thing you do is part with one of your favorite things that you can do without in the future. Give it away or sell it to someone who hasn't read this article yet 😉 This is a hard but effective start to the minimalist lifestyle. Because you'll find that you don't even need a lot of things to be happy. With this method, the worst is already behind you at the beginning. Thus, the separation from other things will be much easier for you in the future. By the way, Eat The Frog is a method that can also be applied to many other things in life, such as your daily work routine. Tasks that burden you the most should be done right at the beginning of the day. This way you don't put this ballast in front of you the whole day.


To start your minimalism with the basket method, just grab a large basket. Now you're basically shopping, only backwards and without wheels. Because for this approach to minimalism, you just search through all the things in your home and put the unnecessary things in the basket. Be honest with yourself so that you actually part with as many things as possible. If this becomes too stressful for you, simply spread the action over several days. If the basket is full, you can certainly give away or sell some things. This way, you'll still make some money with things that no longer had any added value for you anyway.

MINIMALISM IN THE BOX - Life out of the box!

The cardboard box method is a minimalist approach where you can't cheat yourself. Because to start your minimalism using the cardboard method, you simply clear ALL your stuff out of your apartment into several moving boxes. The boxes stay in your now pretty empty apartment and you live out of the boxes for the next few days. Therefore, you should sort the contents well so that you can always get to them quickly. Things that you need in this time, come back to the usual place. All things you did not need can be given away, sold or disposed of.


Minimalism - Living minimalist means sorting out
Sort out hardcore and sell, swap or give away

Even though I haven't used this method in my home, I would have loved to see the picture. Because with the pile method of minimalism, you put all your discarded things in a pile to understand how much junk has accumulated in your home over the last few years. Before you throw it all away, give it away or sell it, re-evaluate the value of each item to your life. If it doesn't add value or contribute to your happiness, it can go!

I sorted out using the basket method, because I found it very easy to "clean out" that way. You know yourself how you can best part with things. Minimalism should not stress you out, but make you happier. Don't throw everything away without thinking, but give away, donate or sell things you have sorted out. You can find wonderful items online at eBay Classifieds (see also Zero Waste Apps) sell. Clothing I also sell on eBay classifieds or Larger and generally more valuable things I would sell on You can also get rid of a lot at flea markets in your city. You can donate clothes to institutions for the homeless, for example.

Learn minimalism easily online

There are also really good courses that make it very easy for you to get started with an orderly household and take you by the hand as you get started with minimalism. For this I recommend the courses from Haushaltsfee*. Just enter the coupon code "CAREELITE" at the checkout and you will get the course even 25% cheaper.

Minimalism in the closet

It's especially easy to clean out your own clothing. In Germany, every adult owns an average of 90 items of clothing. That's a lot - and a chance to slowly get used to minimalism. After all, no one wears everything they own - so you can start cleaning out.

With the selection of unworn pieces that most closets in this country offer, it's no problem to clean them out and keep only what you really like. And this new order that you thus create in the closet, you can later transfer to the whole apartment.

For me, but also for many friends and readers, I have noticed that it is sometimes difficult to let go and radically part with possessions. Starting in a small area opens the "Pandora's box", so to speak, and it is no longer quite so difficult to declutter the apartment through targeted tidying.

How you can go about cleaning out your closet, Wenz has in a nice overview compiled.

How do I remain a minimalist?

We tend to always take the path of least resistance. In doing so, we can often save time and money with the minimalist approach. So that you can also live minimalist in the long term, I have a few tips for you:

Borrow, Swap & Repair

You don't have to buy everything these days. Many companies and portals allow you to borrow things like cordless screwdrivers, wood saws, coffee machines and even smartphones. This saves you the high purchase costs and you don't have to worry about reselling the device at some point. Maybe you can find someone to swap it with? And broken is not the same as broken. Because often things can be easily repaired. So don't be tempted to simply take the path of least resistance, but consider whether you can find an alternative to buying new. Be sure to read the article Zero Waste Lifestyle by.

Exchange new for old

If you are sure and convinced of the new purchase of a thing, then set the rule that you give away or sell an old thing for it. This way, your possessions will always be in balance and you will continue to get rid of unnecessary things. An important rule of minimalism that will help you think minimalist in the long run. A good example of swapping instead of buying is in fashion. If you don't like a piece of clothing anymore, someone else might like it. You can read more about this in the article Sustainable Fashion & Fair Trade Clothing.

Enjoy overview & structure

Learn to appreciate your new "manageable" lifestyle and enjoy the freedom without owning masses of things. There is something liberating about the minimalist life in my opinion. Something that makes me happy. At some point you automatically think carefully about every purchase decision and weigh whether you really need this thing and if so, whether you can not get it differently and especially cheaper.

Keep all things visible

Don't let your things disappear into all sorts of drawers in your home, try to keep your possessions open in your home. This will keep you from unnecessarily buying new things that you may already own. I used to have a closet where I would "fire" all my clothes in. This left me with absolutely no overview and no idea how many unnecessary shirts and pants were actually in that pile. So always keep your things visible for long-term minimalist thinking. This way you also learn to value the things around you more.

Minimalism - This is something for you!

I can say that for sure, because minimalism is in principle suitable for everyone. Because everyone can reduce their personal possessions and part with superfluous things in their lives to be happier in the long run and have more space, time and money. Being a minimalist means you pay less, lower your stress and focus on the things that really matter.

By the way, you can also project the minimalist lifestyle onto your laptop. Because also your data accumulations on your PC can be cleaned out and structured very well. I hope that this article has helped you and that you will not only enjoy the plastic-free life, but also the minimalist life.

In any case, switching to minimalist thinking has helped me because I'm definitely happier. Try it out and feel free to write me in the comments how it went.

Stay clean,

CareElite Christoph

PS.: Do you already live without plastic? Here are the best Tips for a plastic free life. Good luck! And if you get away from minimalist quotes If you want to get inspired, just have a look at the linked article.

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  1. Use things and love people, that opposite will not work. Too much of everything and always too little. I strongly hope that this movement is not just a trend, nor that it becomes a religion. It is simply a healthy approach to life that gives everyone the opportunity to be happier. Everyone can determine for themselves how far they want to go.
    I have been practicing this for about three years, without being too radical. Result: much saved on the account, more space and an awareness of important things.
    That's what being a minimalist is all about. Be truly happy!

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