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Welcome to the online store for sustainable shopping! Here you will find the eco-friendly things that you can use for shopping in your household. Just things that will make your shopping more environmentally friendly in itself. Have fun!

Why a store for sustainable shopping?

We all go shopping at least once a week. There, we quickly reach for the free plastic bag for fruit and vegetables - or buy products that are double and triple wrapped.

But when you do your almost everyday grocery shopping, you can already use great environmental potential in the simplest way with the help of some accessories from this sustainable shopping store. And that's exactly what I want to show you in this store. I just want to take the work out of finding these things and looking for their exact environmental impact.

What products can I find in the sustainable shopping store?

Therefore you will find here in the category shopping of the Sustainability Shops all things that make it as easy as possible for you to shop in the most environmentally friendly way possible without plastic. Just grab a natural bag that you can use again and again. With a small fruit and vegetable net, you can take potatoes, mushrooms, etc. individually without having to buy a large plastic bag. Reusable and washable. Here in the store for environmentally friendly shopping you get the best, green items! Now I wish you a lot of fun while browsing!