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Welcome to the Impact Shop from CareElite! Here you will learn about products that have a particularly positive environmental impact and are therefore sensible and sustainable alternatives to their conventional counterparts. Use these products to make a difference in your future orders.

Why an Impact Shop?

Our consumer behavior is a major contributor to the biggest environmental problems of our time. For example to the climate change, which is primarily driven by the greenhouse gas emissions of production and the long transport routes of goods from abroad. Be it by plane, container ship or truck. Another example is the pollution of soil and water, which is caused by the fact that factories have to produce as cheaply as possible and therefore simply discharge their waste water into the nearest bodies of water. We must also not forget the packaging waste that is produced en masse by the wild and thoughtless consumption of our society and often ends up in the environment.

That's why this Impact Shop exists. I want to take away the questioning of products and the search for sustainable alternatives, or at least make it much easier.

What products can I find in the Impact Shop?

Basically you can buy all products up here in the Sustainability Shop from CareElite. But I also want to show you a few examples here that will make the Impact Shop make sense to you pretty quickly:

  • Backpack made from marine garbage: There is no backpack that does not consume natural resources. But there is a backpack whose threads and seams are made of plastic waste from the sea. Thus, your purchase contributes to rid our oceans of human and non-biodegradable waste.
  • Coffee To Go mug made from rice husks: The Coffee To Go cup made from rice husks, which are a waste product of rice production, is another example of sustainable products from the Impact Shop.
  • Pocket Ashtray: Every day, billions of cigarette butts around the world poison our nature - water, soil, plants and animals. A mobile ashtray is a simple but useful product from the Impact Shop that counteracts this problem.

Use Impact products to make the difference in your future purchases. Now I hope you enjoy browsing through the Impact Shop!