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Cooking for the climate


  • Climate-friendly cooking made easy
  • A book from theory to implementation
  • 60 delicious recipes for sustainable cooking
  • Ideal introduction to an environmentally conscious diet
  • The book comes plastic free packed to you

Your Impact: We donate a portion of the proceeds to the great biomass ClimatePartner climate protection project in Bandeira & Capelli, in Brazil.

The Book Cooking for the climateabout sustainable eating is for everyone who wants to leave our planet a better place than when they entered it. In this theory and cookbook, we show you why we need to learn to eat climate-friendly together - and also provide you with hundreds of tips & tricks and 60 simple, delicious recipes for an environmentally friendly, plant-based, regional, seasonal and healthy diet.

Why this particular book on sustainable nutrition?

Our diet is one of the biggest drivers of climate change. Our planet is likely to be more than cooked soonif we don't all take responsibility together now. Did you know that 48 million tons of greenhouse gases are emitted for nothing in Germany alone because we throw food in the bin? Or that 111 bathtubs full of water require 25 kilograms of grain to produce one kilogram of beef? Don't you also find it strange that we have enough food to feed around 56 billion farm animals every year, while at the same time around 800 million people on our planet go hungry? Or that 88 percent of the Amazon rainforest is only being cut down because we like to eat animal products?

Yet it is so easy to solve these problems. Because by eating sustainably, we can protect our environment, animals, our health, our children and grandchildren and so many other people at the same time. In this book, we would like to introduce you to the WHY and HOW of a plant-based, climate-friendly diet. With "Cooking for the climate" you will learn about the problems of our diet. We then give you 60 delicious recipes to cook yourself.

Why you should read the book Cooking for the Climate

The rapid pace of climate change is a consequence of human activity - every day, each of us leaves our own ecological footprint. Some very gently, others stomp. In any case, the global average temperature must not rise by 1.5 degrees compared to pre-industrial times. Otherwise, things will happen that nobody should like. We humans are the problem ourselves - but each of us can also be the solution.

Start with the most logical thing: what's on your plate every day. In this Theory and cookbook you will learn the reasons for an environmentally friendly, vegetarian-vegan diet, as well as tips and tricks for implementing it in the kitchen. Last but not least, you will benefit from 60 unique and simple recipes that will make your diet much more sustainable. For example, how about a delicious cauliflower Bolognese as a tasty alternative to a climate-damaging dish?

With the book Cooking for the Climate you will...

  • understand, based on facts, why we need to rethink and sustainably change our food choices for the protection of all
  • get an ideal introduction to a sustainable diet and learn about all its benefits
  • specifically learn to shop regionally, seasonally, organically, healthily and consciously and to cook in a climate-friendly way
  • have a constant guide to an environmentally friendly, sustainable, vegetarian and vegan diet at hand

Would you like to start cooking in a sustainable and climate-friendly way right away? Then get our book nowCooking for the climatefrom one of the linked sources and make your diet more climate-friendly and sustainable step by step. Have fun!


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