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Vegan shrimps

  • Vegetable based vegan shrimp
  • Free from antibiotics and other substances
  • Completely without annoying peeling and powdering
  • Delicious sea pleasure without animal suffering
  • Makes the switch to "vegan" extremely easy
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Attention gourmets and connoisseurs! Here there is now namely vegan shrimps. Common shrimp often come from aquaculture or breeding tanks that are pumped full of feed, antibiotics and other substances. With these vegan shrimps this is now over.

The preparation of the vegan shrimps is very easy. The best way is to boil them for about a minute in boiling water and then fry them in a pan with olive oil. If you like, you can add garlic, because it will make them extra tasty. The vegetable shrimps go great in salads, stir-fry dishes or just as a snack for dipping. Instead of frying them in a pan, you can also pre-cook the vegetable shrimp and then brush them with a little oil and throw them on the grill.

Why vegan shrimp?

You can find many reasons why to eat plant-based substitutes instead of animal products already in the article "Why do vegans eat substitute products?". One of them is that some people now give up animal products for animal ethical reasons. Thus, it is natural to buy these vegan shrimp instead, if you do not want to give up the taste of shrimp. Fortunately, the vegetable shrimp are completely vegan and therefore animal-free.

Since the vegan shrimp are easy to prepare and taste good, they naturally also make your vegan diet or the switch to a vegan diet easier. By the way, this also has advantages for the environment, as researchers from the Oxford University in London have found. When switching to a vegan diet, you can realize CO2 savings of up to 73%.₁

In addition, there are other advantages of the vegetable alternative to shrimp. As already mentioned, compared to conventional shrimp, they are not produced in huge breeding tanks pumped full of antibiotics. In addition, you can also save the annoying peeling and cleaning with the vegan alternative. So nothing stands in the way of vegan enjoyment!

The advantages of vegetable shrimp

To make you "crave the sea", here are all the benefits of vegan shrimp in a concise overview:

  • completely vegetable shrimps
  • without antibiotics or other substances
  • no peeling and powdering
  • vegan sea pleasure

If you feel like giving the vegan shrimp a try, you can order them online here.

₁ Poore; T. Nemecek (2018): Reducing food's environmental impacts through producers and consumers,


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