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Vegan cream cheese

  • Almond based vegan cheese spread
  • full flavor without chemistry
  • vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free
  • ideal for switching to a vegan diet
  • low CO2 emission
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Here there is a vegan cream cheese from Simply V. This vegan cheese spread I find the almond-based cream cheese particularly tasty. In terms of taste, it is really in no way inferior to conventional cream cheese.

You can use the vegetable cheese spread in the kitchen in a variety of ways: classically on bread, in soups or sauces, or as an ingredient for a "refrigerator cake". The creamy almond-based cream cheese convinces all along the line.

The cheese spread offers a great alternative when it has to go fast again in stressful times. Simply smear on bread, add a few cucumbers or cocktail tomatoes and hunger is satisfied for now. For this alone it is worth buying the vegan cream cheese.

Why a vegan cream cheese?

Although the spread cheese is a convenience product, it still consists of good and natural ingredients. The basis for the vegan cream cheese are almonds and coconut oil. Fortunately, there are no chemical additives or palm oil in the production process, so you can enjoy the cream cheese without adding any unnecessary additives. This vegan cheese spread alternative is also ideal if you are just changing your diet.

This plant-based cheese spread does not contain any animal products in addition to pollutants, so the vegan cream cheese is also free of animal suffering. In the article "Why don't vegans drink milk" you can read more about the production of dairy products and will learn about the motivations of vegans to give up dairy products.

If you are lactose intolerant, this vegan cheese alternative is just right for you. Here you get full enjoyment, completely without lactose. With the vegan cheese spread replaces conventional cream cheese quite simply.

In fact, dairy products are one of the food groups that emit the largest amounts of CO2 equivalents. If you change your diet to a vegan one, according to a study by the London-based Oxford University reduce up to 73 % of your dietary CO2 emissions.₁ So the vegan cream cheese alternative is also a great way to switch to a vegan diet and reduce your personal CO2 emissions.

The advantages of vegan cheese spread at a glance

So that you have again all the advantages of vegan cream cheese at a glance, I have summarized them for you here clearly:

  • Almond based vegan cream cheese
  • without unnecessary chemical additives and palm oil
  • Simplifies the switch to a vegan diet
  • free from lactose, gluten and animal suffering
  • low CO2 emission

I can absolutely recommend the vegan cream cheese alternative, because it tastes great and is still free of chemicals. If you like, you can order the vegan cream cheese online here.

₁ Poore; T. Nemecek (2018): Reducing food's environmental impacts through producers and consumers,


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