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In this statistics blog you will find meaningful facts & figures about environmental protection, sustainability and similar topics. Use the data, for example, to sensitize our society to the challenges of our time in blog or newspaper articles.

A good way to get started with the blog is to check out the following statistics collections, for example:

Just look around the statistics blog a bit and use the data, including the underlying sources, to get a clear picture of the biggest Environmental problems of our time and other sustainability topics.

Why I run a statistics blog for sustainability

In times of populist "fake news" and "extreme lobbying," it is even more important to scientifically substantiate one's statements on society-changing topics such as global warming or vegan nutrition. This builds trust and counteracts "unscientific" arguments - and most importantly, it helps raise awareness of the urgency to solve the biggest environmental problems facing our society. That's why I research the most important statistics and publish them in this blog.

PS.: If you refer to the facts & figures from this blog, I would be very happy if you would link to the respective article as a source. This in turn will help grow the CareElite environmental project. Thank you for your support!