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Worldwide Nature & Beach CleanUps

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Here I provide you with an overview of unique people and organizations on our planet who are carrying out clean-up campaigns against climate change worldwide. Waste in the environment These people exchange their ideas in our international CleanUp Group on Facebook. from. Become a valuable part of the community in the fight against one of the biggest social and environmental problems of our time - wherever you are! Feel free to share this map using the link below so that everyone else can become part of the solution.

Are you the organizer of a CleanUp yourself or would you like to add to this list? Then you can join our worldwide Facebook community and add to the list yourself or use the following form:

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    Cleanup campaigns & CleanUps around the world

    Unfortunately, human behaviour causes 32 million tons of plastic waste to end up in the environment every year. About 8 million tons of it ends up directly in the ocean. Isn't it great to bring together the people on our planet who are passionate about preventing our planet from being littered? Our great community is all about freeing our planet from waste in the environment. Whether in Germany, South Africa, Indonesia or Mexico.

    We all know that a plastic waste CleanUp does not solve the basic problem of our throwaway society. Nevertheless, the cleanup campaigns and the sharing of the actions effectively help to raise awareness and the forest, beaches and mountains are clean again, at least for the time being. In any case, you can find everything you need to know about the organizers of CleanUp events here, so that you can also get active yourself at any time. Have fun and don't forget to share your pictures in our Facebook community.

    PS: To ensure that we have to remove less and less waste from the environment in the future, you are welcome to read our article on the plastic free lifestyle , which you are invited to share.

    PPS: If you would like to start your own CleanUp with others, you can find out more at the organization of your own Beach CleanUp.