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Welcome to the Vegan Shop for animal-free products! Here you can only buy things that are certified vegan. So you are on the safe side and can store online with peace of mind and above all sustainable and animal-friendly.

Why a vegan online store?

If products in the trade are always only profit-oriented planned, produced and nevertheless offered as cheaply as possible - someone else must pay the price for it. With many products, other people (e.g. with cheap T-shirts), the environment (e.g. with pollutant-rich air or sea transports of goods from overseas) or even animals suffer in order to make such low prices possible. Animals suffer not only to produce food. Animals also have to pay the price for leather shoes or that great fur coat you saw in the shop window the other day.

But Animals are emotional beingsjust like us. That's exactly why this Vegan Shop exists, where you can find the products that are without animal suffering. If we want to behave humanely, then we should not exploit animals for our pleasure.

What products are available in the Vegan Shop?

Here I would like to get rid of a few words about the things you can find here in the Vegan Shop. You could also call it a "store without animal testing"! But veganism goes so much further than just doing without animal testing. In this vegan online store you will find accordingly all the products of daily use and the products that will make your vegan everyday life much easier. Following a few examples:

The selection in this store without animal suffering will grow over time. Maybe also with your help! Just get in touch if you think of a vegan and sustainable product that should definitely be recommended here. Otherwise, I wish you first of all a lot of fun shopping online in the Vegan Shop!