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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

I put me before

Hi, I am Christoph!

Hallo zusammen! Ich bin Christoph Schulz, Environmental Scientist, passionate Author, sowie glücklich verheirateter und sportbegeisterter Conservationist.

Hier möchte ich die Gelegenheit nutzen, um dir meine Geschichte zu erzählen und dich bei CareElite willkommen zu heißen.


Here at CareElite, I write about environmentalism, minimalism, veganism, personal development, and all the tips & tricks for a truly conscious and sustainable lifestyle, along with guest author friends.


I am open to collaboration that adds value to our society or planet. You can learn more about the cooperation possibilities by clicking on the following button.


Whether it's lectures, advertising, nature or image films, help with grant applications, online marketing and sustainability consulting - if you want to make the world a little bit better with your project, I'm happy to help!

Christoph Schulz from CareElite
CleanUp in Sri Lanka
CleanUp North Sea CareElite


My story

Canggu Beach CleanUp

For many years now, I have been actively involved in protecting our planet and all the creatures that roam it. But of course, this was not always the case. After completing my training as a banker and studying multimedia marketing, I was initially quite surprised to discover that I lacked a real, long-term goal in life. What do I actually want to achieve, what do I want to stand up for and what is my mission in life? I didn't have an answer yet - but I wanted to find it.


With a Backpack trip in Sri Lanka, I gave myself 3 weeks to find the answer. Already during my first casual beach run in Arugam Bay, a wave of individual flip flops, crumpled straws, cups, juice packets and lots of disposable plastic bottles washed towards me. On one of these plastic bottles - still easy to read - was an expiration date of 1986. The contents had, of course, long since been enjoyed - but the bottle itself still looked as if it had been carelessly thrown into the water just a few days ago. 

While questions like "How come the bottle still looks so brand new?" or "What is the cause of the garbage wave?" and raced through my head, I first got myself some garbage bags and started cleaning up. Not just the one wave, but all the rest of the disposable trash I could find on the beach. Barely twenty minutes later, there were four of us. A local resident and two tourists packed with. Only 2 hours, six more participants and twelve bulging garbage bags later, the beach then looked again as one knew it from the typical vacation catalogs. A really satisfying moment. The trash then disappeared at a local recycling company that I had contacted after our action.

But the questions in my head kept piling up: "Why hasn't anyone done anything, even though this garbage has obviously been sloshing back and forth here for decades?" and "To what extent am I actually part of this problem?" After a well-earned after-work beer with the helpers, I started researching on the laptop: Plastic is eternalbecause it is not biodegradable. It's remarkable that I didn't know that until then. I also found out that a plastic bottle takes about 450 years to decompose into smaller microplastics due to sun, wind and waves. No one had done anything about it because disposable plastic is a fixed, convenient part of our habits and the garbage is ubiquitous. Garbage that I also produce at home in large quantities - and that is also exported from Germany mainly to Asian countries without functioning recycling systems. 

So I had found all the answers to my questions. Also to the very big one concerning my life's task. I had understood that it is not enough to hope that someone else will already save our planet. Because if you want change, you have to be part of the solution to the problem yourself. And that's why I organized more cleanups in Sri Lanka for the rest of my trip at the beginning of 2017. Since then, I have drastically reduced my personal plastic waste and am now actively engaged against plastic waste in the environment and meanwhile also all other, ecological and social challenges of our time - and show here at CareElite how each of us can live more plastic-free and sustainable.


Christoph Schulz on ZDF

In such a short time, my life has changed in an incredibly positive way. CareElite is growing and growing. Instead of working hours of 9am - 5pm in a job I only do to make money, I now get to dedicate myself daily and full time as a self-employed person to raising awareness for a more sustainable society. And earn my living with a task for which I burn. New doors opened up all the time. I even get to advocate for environmental issues regularly on TV, in podcasts, and in newspapers and magazines. By the way, if you want, you can also learn more about me in the media articles

While at the beginning of my self-employment I flew to many other countries in Southeast Asia to organize and support further clean-up campaigns against plastic waste, I now try to more from Germany about my growing community to move. This worldwide Facebook group for Beach CleanUps allows me to motivate and bring people together even from home. Through my work for environmental protection and my love for animals, after a short initial resistance based on my longstanding habits, I now also live vegan. A step that has made me much happier, as I now live in accordance with my personal values - and no more animals are killed for my lifestyle.

Nobody has to do everything perfectly in his life - it is simply important to constantly evolve and strive for an increasingly environmentally friendly way of life. After all, we ourselves must be the change we want to see in this world.

Stay sustainable - and have fun at CareElite!

PS.: If you like, you can directly download download one of my e-books for free and thus start a more sustainable everyday life.

47 thoughts on “Christoph Schulz”

  1. Hello Christoph,
    Your commitment is great! But when you have collected the plastic bags - like in the picture in Sri Lanka - what happens with them? The garbage has to go somewhere. I don't think there is any way to properly dispose of plastic in Sri Lanka. (Do we actually recycle the plastic waste in Germany to 100 %?) I once saw in such an emigration program that in Canada in the very rural area, simply pits were dug, into which all inhabitants poured their garbage and when the pit was full, the next one was dug... That was Canada after all!!!! What does Sri Lanka do with your plastic bags full of garbage?
    Many greetings

    1. Hi Vivian! Thank you for your feedback, I am very pleased. We took the bags to an area where a tractor comes by every day to collect them. The next day we checked, the bags were still there. The next day they were finally collected. As you say, the recycling systems in many countries do not work yet. That's why Asian countries have about 80% of plastic waste in the sea. On Sri Lanka the recycling system is also really bad. According to this conversation with environmentalist Ravindra Kariyawasam it became all the more clear to me. Since 1972, the mountains of garbage are piled up there, recycled is little and only since a short time. So it came a few weeks ago to a garbage avalanche (yes, there is such a thing there, mountains of garbage washed down by rain), by which really 100 people died. In his opinion, this "avalanche" had a real hello-wake-up effect on Sri Lanka. The situation is not hopeless, it doesn't help anyone to just let it happen. Ravindra and I want to increase the pressure on politics and society together. With his school, he wants to make the people of Sri Lanka aware of the plastic waste in the environment, especially at a young age. That's a really good approach, but politicians and companies have to join in.
      Best regards and thanks for your interaction with the problem. That always makes me very happy 🙂

      1. Hello Christoph, I am currently watching the series "planB" on ZDH with your project or your extraordinary commitment, as far as plastic is concerned. I myself teach geography at an ISS in Berlin and am always talking about sustainability, the protection of our earth and, above all, the elimination of plastic. We ourselves go shopping in the same way as you showed and described in the program. At some point we came to the conclusion that the plastic waste that we "produce" alone in a 2-man household should not be so. And when I look at organic food stores ... But also vegetarians, who want to protect the animals by their way of eating, drag their vegetables, fruit, ... in disposable plastic bags home and thus harm the animals and nature again. Go on and if you want to do something with students, just get in touch. Many greetings

        1. Hello Dirk! Thank you for your feedback and I can only confirm your comments as well. I am glad that Plastic waste in the environment is a visible problem - this will allow us to move even faster. Gladly, have you then on the screen.
          Many greetings

  2. Namaste Christoph!
    Great action! Respect! Keep going, I and others are helping. And we become more and more!
    Our earth is so beautiful and it is enough what has happened so far .
    I wish you all the love, strength and health!
    Greetings from Giessen 🙂

    1. Hello Christoph,
      thank you for your feedback! That motivates!
      Yes, it's great that the trend is developing into a basically environmentally conscious cool lifestyle. At least that's my current feeling.
      Best regards,

  3. hej Christoph,
    have just received your bamboo toothbrushes. Without having tried them, I say now
    already: they are super!!!
    I hate plastic and any kind of waste and am very glad that you are so committed as a young person. The other day I saw a report about Rwanda, where plastic has been banned for 12 years; the affluent countries should take this as an example. With every Nespresso capsule
    or "to go caffee" cup, I can only shake my head in bewilderment as a human being (though sometimes I feel like an alien......).
    People seem to have forgotten that they originated from nature and can only exist with it; at present they are sawing the branch on which they are sitting.
    As Albert Einstein said, "Once the bee disappears from the earth, man has only four years to live." We are not too far away from that.
    You are a beacon of hope for me, continue to shake and shake people awake gaaaay vigorously.
    Kind regards B.

    1. Hi Brit! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment and support! Yes, you are right about that. In our affluence, the connection to nature has been lost. But I also have the feeling that so slowly a movement is developing that stands for sustainable consumption.
      You too! Thanks for your message. Glad to hear from you again.
      Love greetings

  4. Hello Christoph,
    great praise and respect for your actions! I appreciate your attitude to our earth and environment very much, that you are already so farsighted as a young person makes me hope and motivates myself. I am 46 years old and deal only for about 3.5 years with the issue of plastic and initially it was really hard for me to find alternatives to the plastic, which nevertheless do not eat up all my time. First it was also only the classic, the plastic bag, which we replaced and have and always took cotton bags then the shower gel and shampoo would have to give way here found fragrant natural soaps the way in in our bathroom☺️ Then we bought no more packaged sausage and cheese. Then no more drinks in plastic and no more yogurts, my 13 year old son was sad at first because he didn't get his favorite yogurts anymore because with those in the jar the selection isn't that great, but he quickly realized that and now it's not a problem anymore? I now make him his favorite yogurt itself with muesli and fresh fruit, so I have then also directly killed two birds with one stone, because of healthy eating.
    Thanks to various blocks, I now also make our mouthwash toothpaste ( by the way, we have already tried your recipe, is SUPER!!!) laundry detergent, detergent, dishwashing detergent and the cleaner for the dishwasher itself. There are no more stupid spray bottles in our household, whether bathroom, or kitchen, or window cleaner, soda, vinegar essence and the power of lemon is my weapon against dirt ?
    so I also avoid toxic ingredients that are contained in all cleaners, and it still gets everything clean.
    It's crazy, once you get started and devote a little more time to the topic, how much plastic you can avoid. Even our plastic apple bin used to fill up really fast, that has changed now. Cheers to your bamboo toothbrush, which we now use all 3, here we have only recently switched. My son loves them, my brothers and his daughter also use bamboo toothbrushes for a long time, I will bring yours times in the conversation?
    The decision to avoid plastic and to deal consciously with our environment is something that everyone has to make for themselves, and many people unfortunately don't give it any thought at all because they think that they can't do anything on their own anyway, some are only concerned with themselves and still others simply don't care. And it is also clear that politicians and industry have to take much more responsibility. But many small ants? also form an army and thus you and I and many others are not alone and we simply infect the others and become bigger and bigger.
    In this sense, thank you and I wish you continued strength and perseverance in all your actions and always sun in your heart.
    Best regards from Wuppertal
    one of the small ?

    1. Hi Miriam! Thank you for your message!
      Then you already live really exemplary and can pass on to others the reasons for your personal attitude towards plastic waste 🙂 .
      Best regards

  5. hi unfortunately I could not find anything about the country of production. evtl you can help me there with the toothbrushes. Is the statue biodegradable to 100 % somehow certified? look forward to answer.

    1. Hi Anna! Thank you for your lovely comment! The wooden toothbrush is produced in China because of the bamboo wood and comes to Germany by ship. What exactly do you mean by statue 🙂 .
      Best regards and a happy holiday season,

  6. Hi Christoph
    I love your website and what it/you stand for. More and more I hate the disposable society we live in....
    One of my pet hates is the over-packaging of fruit and vegetables in our supermarkets. Why is it necessary? I am originally from Australia and 20-30 years ago pretty much everything was unpackaged and you bought by weight which also reduced waste as you only bought as much as you need. Why can't European countries change the way they do this? Why does one bulb of garlic need it's own package? Why does broccoli and cauliflower need to be wrapped 5 times in cling film? Open-air markets don't do it, why do supermarkets? Even worse, the organic products have twice as much packaging as the non-organic products. Kind of defeats the purpose....
    I find it so frustrating! Anyway, if you know of a group/petition on this I'd be happy to know about it.
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Keiryn, thanks for sharing your thoughts about that big environmental and social problem. My answer: It's all about the profit. We are consumers, we have to change our behavior. Companies will have to change or will change voluntarily.
      Just keep' going with your awesome attitude. We will change the world but should not lose time.
      Have a great new Year, Cheers, Christoph

  7. Hello Christoph,
    the idea is simply mega and such a project anleiern......Respect.
    I travel all over the world for work and am often depressed and helpless at the same time when I see how we deal with our livelihood.
    Helpless, therefore, because as an individual I only have a minimal, if any, chance of changing anything.
    Therefore, hats off to your commitment, dedication and will.
    Great to read about something and something worth supporting and pushing forward.
    Greetings Jürgen

    1. Hello Jürgen! Thank you very much for your nice feedback! We all together can and will make a difference 🙂 .
      With best regards and a happy new year,

  8. Hello Cristoph,
    My name is Robin and I am 16 years old. I will write my Abi next school year and at my school you can write a seminar paper to replace an exam subject.
    In the 'Challenges of the 21st Century' section, let's pick a topic area.
    I have chosen plastic as a topic. Since I love the sea and have already read a few novels about plastic in the oceans, the topic is very close to my heart. And I hope to have a job in this direction sometime in the future.
    Unfortunately, the topic must have a subject reference and since I plan to replace chemistry as an exam subject, my priorities must naturally lie there.
    I wanted to thank you for your article, about the production, recycling, etc.. It is very detailed and well explained and will certainly help me. Probably your whole blog will help me, because I will have a focus on the chemical, but the rest, as far as the environment is concerned will not leave out.
    Now to my actual request, I text once again too much:D Do you know by chance technical literature on the subject, where it is also explained, for example, what chemical processes happen during decomposition, or anything else that helps me. I have found very little in the university library in my area. Websites or the like on the Internet would also help me.
    Best regards and thanks in advance :)

    1. Hi Robin! Thank you for your nice feedback and a happy new year to you 🙂
      As an introductory technical literature I can give you the book Plastics Knowledge for Beginners recommend. However, there is also a lot of juggling with technical terms.
      I have a good contact in plastics processing and will get back to you if you like.
      Best regards

      1. Hi Cristoph
        Thank you. I will definitely have a look at the book.
        If it wouldn't inconvenience you, I would be very happy for you to get in touch with someone like that for me.
        Warm regards

        1. Hi Robin, please send me your very specific questions again. Then I will pass it on to him directly.
          Thank you and best regards

          1. Hi Cristoph
            Sure:), sry something mixed up:D
            1.I know that plastic decomposes to microplastic but what happens there for chemical processes e.g. under UV radiation, with salt water, etc?
            2. what exactly are monomers?
            3. are there substance formulas for plastic e.g. like for water H20
            4. where in the industry are there possible applications and for what?
            5. differences with "cheap" and "expensive" plastic.
            6. what exactly happens in the recycling process?
            7. is there an environmentally friendly production?
            8. how exactly do governments envision the future to this (trash fishing etc.)
            9. other uses besides household and industry?
            10. what resources other than petroleum are needed?
            11. production in Germany/Worldwide
            12. in the case of polyaddition/condensation: what are the starting materials?
            13. which organic solutions attack plastic?
            In a hurry I can not think of more now
            Thanks for your effort, I appreciate it very much:)
            Warm regards

            1. Moin Robin,
              due to lack of time I have to put you off with a short answer:
              You can answer all the questions with Google. In the article What is plastic and Plastics recycling you already get a lot of them answered here at CareElite, too 🙂
              I hope that I have been able to help you.
              Best regards,

      2. Hello Christoph,
        is it really necessary for you to travel the world as a digital nomad and organize clean-ups?
        If I look at Rwanda, for example, which already bans plastic bags, then you don't need to organize more clean-ups, do you?
        And one more question about the bamboo toothbrushes. Can they not also be produced in Germany? (from wood)
        LG Georgia

        1. Hi Georgia, thank you for your nice comment. I'll try to summarize the answer in a few sentences.
          Regarding the CleanUps: It's not just about collecting litter, it's about raising awareness here on site. This is achieved through the CleanUps, but also through events at which people talk about the issue. Through social media, I can reach a lot of people and extend the educational work to places where the CleanUp didn't take place at all. Theoretically, of course, I can do it like any other international entrepreneur and just fly around the world without doing CleanUps. What do you prefer? 😉
          Regarding the wooden toothbrush: I am currently trying to find a European solution that does not require such a long sea transport. However, the masses of bamboo wood here always have to be imported, whether as whole wood or as a finished product. Always happy to hear suggestions, including other alternative plastic-free products.
          Thank you for your commitment and best regards

      3. Hello Christoph,
        I am currently using their source for my thesis.
        However, to explicitly mark the source I need your last name.
        Johanna Brylowski

      4. Hello Christoph,
        First of all respect and a high five for your commitment! I'm only recently active in the blogging world and come about the gentle parenting and sustainability (which has set with me with the Nachwuch) to plastic-free. Dei blog is really super informative and I love what you have accomplished. I would like to order a few things through your store. Unfortunately, I found on amazon that yes again the things often pack in plastic / bubble wrap or similar. Do you have alternative sources or an idea? With it is eg around the Panda kitchen roll.
        Many love greetings from Frankfurt

        1. Hi Laura! Thanks for your feedback 🙂
          Unfortunately, I also have to realize this again and again. Therefore, by the end of the year, there will be the own CareElite store, where the products are guaranteed to be shipped plastic-free. Of course, I can not guarantee this for all third-party products, but this is an important step.
          Amazon is also currently working on more environmentally friendly solutions for shipping, as the pressure is becoming increasingly higher. We can certainly expect an adjustment soon. Some products already state that they will be shipped in environmentally friendly packaging.
          Many greetings

      5. Hello dear Cristoph
        I have just browsed here on the website for the first time and have learned many new things (especially regarding plastic-free lifestyle). Thank you very much for this.
        Nevertheless, I wonder how you stand on the disastrous working conditions at Amazon and the miserable packaging (which you are trying to avoid), since you link here on your website to Amazon?
        LG 🙂

        1. Hi and thank you for your lovely comment 🙂
          Sorry for my late feedback. Your criticism is completely justified. Of course, I also have to finance the project and my approach is to make consumption there more Plastic prevention to change where people consume particularly carelessly and thoughtlessly. Amazon has given me a good start as an entrepreneur, but I will now also include more and more other stores and providers.
          By the end of the year, we will also have our own online store, where you will be able to place orders.
          I hope you continue to be a part of it and have a great week.
          Best regards,

      6. Thank you for your transparency and commitment! Thank you for this great site! Especially theBackgrounds that are explained appeal to me. Because I like to get to the bottom of things and want to understand them. The book "Plastic planet" Has also shaped my life a few years ago very much!!!
        I would like to recommend the book "Selberdenken" by Harald Welzer! Not quite easy to read, but thought-changing! And encouraging to start yourself.

        1. Hello Herdis! Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad the blog is helping you. Thanks also for your recommendation 🙂
          Stay clean,

      7. Hello Christop,
        your blog reads great and is very understandable.
        I am in the process of reducing plastic. Is not always easy, because many solutions exceed my budget.
        But I think that every little step helps.
        Furthermore, I find your article on minimalism very interesting. That's the next thing I'm going to start.
        Greeting Tanja

        1. Hi Tanja! Thanks for your great feedback and your positive attitude.
          Improve step by step, that's the motto 🙂
          Stay clean,

      8. Hello Christoph,
        I just saw you on ORF by chance and my whole face was beaming because I admire your commitment so much.
        This site is so great and I am just thrilled.
        Two years ago I was in India for a few months. There, I was very shocked by the plastic situation. When you see the mountains of garbage around Delhi, it takes your breath away. Since then, I have been thinking about how to teach people that plastic is not simply biodegradable like a banana leaf....
        Unfortunately, I have also noticed among the educated, young generation that they simply throw trash out of moving cars. Are there plans to do educational programs in developing countries? I am burning to solve this problem and with a large community the goal is within reach.
        Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts for the environment.
        Love, Maria

        1. Hey Maria! Thank you for your message, that makes all the more courage! 🙂
          Been to India for some time as well. Look for CleanUp Versova Beach on Facebook. Afroz Shah has already moved a lot there.
          We have to manage to get the topic of environmental protection more into the school curriculum. There are some teachers who bring in their own ideas, but there are no concrete specifications in the curriculum. In developing countries, integration into the classroom is even more important. In Bali, for example, there are regularly children at the CleanUps who, so to speak, set an example for their parents.
          Many greetings and a nice week for you!

      9. Brigitte Gellermann

        Hello Christoph!
        A few months ago, we had a speaker from the University of Oldenburg at the Landfrauen who gave a very impressive talk on the subject of the plastic tsunami.
        Yesterday, my daughter got your book as a gift and then we came up with the idea to offer a workshop with the topic of plastic-free household cleaners make yourself. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find a speaker for it on the Internet.
        Maybe you have an idea.
        Our club is in Lower Saxony in the district of Celle.
        I am glad about answer!
        Greeting Brigitte

        1. Hello Brigitte,
          super, that makes me happy to hear of course 🙂
          Phew, I do make some DIY home remedies myself, but if you're looking for someone to lecture on that, I'm sure others are better than me.
          Just Google a blogger in the field who has the full expertise in this niche topic.
          Many greetings

        2. Andrew J Broadhurst

          Hello Brigitte/Christoph,
          If I were in Germany right now, I would make something for you!
          I have a source that offers household cleaner 100% plastic-free. Doesn't make it yourself, but ticks almost all the boxes! You get a selection of concentrated cleaners in finger-sized, water-soluble sachets/pods, put one in your empty spray bottle, fill up with water, and you're good to go! The stuff is biodegradable, harmless to animals and plants when diluted and comes in a cardboard box (10 x 10 x 2 cm approx.) by mail
          Celle I know. When I still lived in Hamburg I had had a Discovery from B & B cars!

      10. Hello Christoph,
        Your contributions are super interesting and have also immediately sensitized me. In addition, your commitment is very impressive. Hats off!
        In the context of a school project "Away from the throwaway society" we would like to start regional actions on a website and also get involved. Would it be possible to mention you and your global actions or to link your homepage?
        This would make us very happy!
        Greetings Sonja

        1. Hi Sonja! Thanks for your great feedback. Very happy to use some content and tips for your site 🙂 Good luck!
          Many greetings

      11. Hello Christoph,
        how is it actually with your catering in the airplane ?
        I tested something on my last flight.
        Have the complete flight time collected the plastic in the bag from the shrink-wrapped microfiber blanket available on long-haul flights,
        This was full - without any extra order and without the beverage packaging from the serving cart
        This is madness.
        Have me for the Heimfluge bought 2 stabelbare metal cups that now accompany me everywhere where there are only disposable cups.

      12. Hoi Christoph,
        just pleased to meet you and your website, because the reports about the plastic waste distributed around the world go me
        "heavily on the Senkel"! I am happy about every person who helps to bring about a change for the better!
        Thank you!
        By the way, I also think that living vegan can make you happy(er), if you don't want animals to live for you.
        be killed. The inner conflict (cognitive dissonance), which certainly also exists emotionally, dissolves and you feel better. Many, including myself, report that it also makes you mentally clearer when this contradiction is resolved.
        I wish you and your team all the best!
        Greetings from the Rhine and Moselle,

        1. Moin Stefan! Thank you for your kind words and your commitment against the environmental problems of our time! I also believe that a fundamentally more sustainable (er) lifestyle makes us happier, if you know exactly what you do with it and why you live so.
          Keep up the good work and many greetings from the north of Berlin,

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