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Vegan honey

  • Vegetable alternative to classic bee honey
  • From raw cane sugar, water and marigold extract
  • Vegan honey alternative to protect the bees
  • Ideal on buns or to refine baked goods
  • Plastic free packed in reusable jar
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If you have a vegetable alternative to bee honey then you are exactly right with this vegan honey. The beauty of it is that it's not only a plant-based alternative, but also a regional and sustainable one. You get the vegan honey in jar packaged instead of in the plastic tube.

You can use the vegan alternative to bee honey in the same way as conventional honey. If you like to use the vegetable honey for breakfast, you can also use it to sweeten tea or as a spread on bread and rolls. Of course, the vegetable honey alternative is also suitable in the morning in muesli, to refine yogurt or as an ingredient in baking. It is also suitable for sweetening dishes when cooking.

You should store plant-based honey at room temperature just as you would conventional honey.

Why a vegetable honey?

The main advantage of vegan honey is precisely that it is vegetable. There are several reasons why you should replace honey from bees with plant-based alternatives. You can find more information and details in the article "Why don't vegans eat honey". And if you have looked at the article and are convinced, you can buy an alternative honey here.

Furthermore, the vegetable honey is produced regionally and sustainably packaged in glass. Regionality and plastic-free packaging are two essential factors for sustainable products, which are optimally fulfilled here.

The advantages of vegan honey at a glance

Here you can again get a quick overview of the benefits of honey substitute:

  • vegetable alternative to bee honey
  • Gives the bees a break
  • sustainably packaged in glass
  • regionally produced
  • delicious as a spread in tea, muesli or yogurt

I highly recommend vegan honey as it is a regional, plant-based and sustainable alternative to traditional bee honey. If you like, you can order it online here.


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