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Large stainless steel drinking bottle


  • Large stainless steel drinking bottle for on the go
  • Cool stainless steel and bamboo wood design
  • Free from BPA, lead and other harmful substances
  • Super tight and pleasant to drink
  • Plastic-free from the packaging to the drinking bottle!

The healthy alternative to plastic drinking bottles is a guaranteed BPA-free Stainless steel drinking bottle. In addition, the stainless steel drinking bottle impresses with a simple but noble design. For the high-quality bottle no colors and no plastic were used, but only natural or food-safe materials, which are also recyclable. You can get the bottle in different sizes. The slim stainless steel bottle has a beautiful lid made of sustainably grown bamboo wood, which ensures a secure closure with a food-safe silicone rim.

The stainless steel drinking bottle to go is very robust, leak-proof and can also be hung on a bracket attached to the lid. To avoid deposits, you should rinse the ecological stainless steel drinking bottle regularly.

The advantages of the sustainable stainless steel water bottle

The main difference to conventional drinking bottles is the use of stainless steel. This makes the sustainable water bottle unbreakable and durable. However, if you should part with it at some point, stainless steel is fortunately recyclable.

Due to the purity of the material, you get a BPA-, pollutant- and microplastic-free drinking bottle, which is also tasteless and odorless. The silicone ring for closing is also food safe and secure.

Since stainless steel is also relatively light and has a hanger for hanging, the bottle is ideal to take along, for example, for hiking or sports. For this you can easily attach the ecological water bottle to your backpack.

Of course, the ecological stainless steel water bottle is packed plastic-free for you.

Harmless stainless steel drinking bottle without plastic for healthy drinking on the go

  • 100% plastic free drinking bottle and package
  • BPA and lead free for your health
  • Tasteless and odorless for pure enjoyment
  • Environmentally friendly made of durable stainless steel and sustainable bamboo
  • Made of recyclable stainless steel

The Zero Waste stainless steel drinking bottle accompanies you for a lifetime

With this durable Stainless steel bottle does not produce unnecessary waste and plastic waste. The bottle is easy to rinse and can also be washed in the dishwasher. The high-quality stainless steel is extremely robust and absolutely rustproof, so you can enjoy the environmentally friendly water bottle for a long time. Accordingly, I can definitely recommend you to buy a sustainable stainless steel bottle.



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