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Solar preserving jar


  • Sustainable FairTrade Solar Lamp from South Africa
  • Solar canning jar that lights up to 12 hours
  • Solar lamp with USB charging function for winter
  • Recycled canning jar with magnetic switch
  • Plastic-free from the packaging to the canning jar!

Your Impact: Your garden lighting will work with renewable energies in the future. In addition, the production creates jobs for people in the townships of South Africa.

I am a big fan of the plastic free Solar preserving jar. Because the Solar glass solar lamp is a prime example of cool, eco-friendly products and a clear statement that renewable energies like solar energy don't have to be complicated. Plus, you're also promoting a project that creates jobs in South Africa at the same time. What is a solar jar anyway? The solar jar is a canning jar with integrated lighting that charges via a small solar panel in the lid of the jar.

How to charge the solar glass?

The solar glass charges automatically with solar energy when you place it in the sun. For the cold season, there is also a USB port so that you can charge the glass via your normal power supply. You can learn more about the function and all the background of the project in the Interview with the founder of Sonnenglas.

The advantages of the solar preserving jar

Here you will find all the advantages of the sun glass at a glance:

  • Responsibly produced: This solar lamp is carefully produced by hand in South Africa. The high demand in Europe creates good jobs locally.
  • Unique design: The plastic-free solar glass is an absolute eye-catcher in the garden, kitchen or wherever. Cool design meets environmental awareness.
  • Solar energy in perfection: During the day, the jar can capture and store solar energy. With a switch, you can turn on the lamp in the evening and use up to 12 hours of luminosity from solar energy. No plug needed! If there is no sun, you can also charge the solar lamp via USB in winter.
  • Freely designable: What you put in the jar or stick on the outside is up to you. Customize it however you like. Since we also use canning jars for our plastic-free lifestyle in the kitchen, you can also store food in the solar jar, for example.
  • Plastic-free and natural: The solar glass solar lamp without plastic shows how you can easily create environmentally conscious, useful fair trade products. A clean thing!

Application areas of the cool solar glass solar lamp

And what exactly do you do with the plastic-free solar jar? You can use it in many ways. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Lighting for the garden: Use the solar glass to provide a nice light in the evening in the garden without consuming energy. Believe me, this just looks cool!
  • Solar glass as decoration: No matter where, a canning jar that glows always makes something. Use as a decoration at a party, in the kitchen or in the living room. You have the choice.
  • Ideal camping light: The plastic-free solar lamp is also perfect for camping trips, where there is usually no electricity. Use the solar energy to always have light anyway.
  • Solar lamp as a cool gift: You want to give something out of the ordinary. Then the sun glass is certainly the right thing! I think pretty much everyone would be happy about it.

If you are now interested in the solar jar, you can order it online here.


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