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Linen napkins


  • Sustainable linen fabric napkins
  • Make a great impression on the dining table
  • The perfect cloth napkins without plastic
  • Natural & Plastic Free

Sustainable linen napkins are a beautiful and natural table decoration and at the same time offer the usual functionality of conventional napkins. Woven from very strong, hard-wearing farm linen, these high-quality napkins are particularly durable and sustainable. The natural brown of the linen napkins is easy to combine with other colors.

Linen was already being used 6,000 to 7,000 years ago because this natural material is so hard-wearing, tear-resistant and robust. Its long durability also ensures a good environmental balance.

The plastic-free napkins made from natural pure linen can simply be machine washed at 40 degrees after use, hung up, ironed slightly damp if necessary and then reused.

The advantages of sustainable linen napkins

You may have already asked yourself how environmentally friendly napkins are. As conventional napkins are disposable products that require resources such as wood and petroleum derivatives for packaging and production, normal napkins are rather harmful to the environment.

With the reusable linen napkins, you have a beautiful, environmentally friendly alternative to paper napkins. They come in a neutral natural brown, so they go well with all colors and placemats. The environmentally friendly linen napkins make a particularly good impression when combined with wood.

Avoid unnecessary paper and plastic waste, be plastic-free with the 100% fabric napkins and take a big step towards a zero waste lifestyle. On the one hand, you save the planet's scarce resources and, on the other, you save money as you will never have to buy paper napkins again. What's more, the reusable, eco-friendly linen napkins are long-lasting, so this set will last you a long time.

The large plastic-free linen cloth napkins look great and decorate your dining table in an environmentally friendly way. With the long-lasting linen cloths instead of paper napkins, you produce no waste and enjoy your meal with a clear conscience.

Here is an overview of the advantages of plastic-free cloth napkins

  • 100 % natural material napkins without plastic
  • High quality guarantees durability and sustainability
  • Reusable and washable, therefore no plastic waste and paper waste
  • Easy care when washing
  • Beautiful table decoration with classic, natural peasant linen

I really recommend you buy the plastic-free linen napkins online, as they will make a brilliant impression at the dinner table and optimize your environmental footprint at the same time.


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