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Fabric handkerchiefs


  • Plastic free cloth cotton handkerchiefs set
  • Durable and therefore resource-saving
  • Avoids plastic waste because reusable & washable
  • Plastic-free from packaging to cloth handkerchief


Maybe you come to washable fabric handkerchiefs immediately thoughts of your grandfather. In any case, the wonderfully soft Cloth handkerchiefs without plastic one more step towards sustainability and environmental friendliness. With the reusable cloth handkerchiefs made of 100% cotton you avoid plastic waste and paper waste. At the same time the environmentally friendly cotton handkerchiefs pleasant to the skin, very well finished and have beautiful subtle colors.

With a long-lasting set of sustainable cloth handkerchiefs made of cotton fabric, you make yourself independent of paper handkerchiefs and contribute another part to environmental protection. You can clean the cotton handkerchiefs in the machine at up to 60 degrees. If you iron them after drying, you kill remaining germs and bacteria with the heat.

Tip: If at some point stains can no longer be washed out or the cloths simply no longer look as nice, you can still use them as rags for cleaning.

Why washable cloth handkerchiefs?

The cotton handkerchiefs are a sustainable alternative to paper handkerchiefs, because with them you can effectively reduce plastic and paper waste. Due to the reusability, you make a big contribution to waste reduction in the long run. Since cotton handkerchiefs are robust and durable, you can also use them for a long time. This not only reduces waste, but also saves raw materials.

However, the sustainable alternative to paper handkerchiefs is not only sustainable, but also chic. The plastic-free handkerchiefs made of fabric are simple, yet elegant. You'll certainly stand out more than with paper handkerchiefs and consistently live out your sustainable lifestyle.

That's why I recommend the plastic-free cloth handkerchiefs:

  • No plastic in the handkerchief and packaging
  • You no longer create plastic waste and paper waste
  • Sturdy and durable cotton handkerchiefs
  • Soft natural material for comfortable blowing your nose
  • Ironable for best hygiene

Environmentally friendly handkerchiefs made of 100% cotton fabric to avoid unnecessary waste.

Healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly you are on the road with the reusable cotton handkerchiefs. Say goodbye to the throwaway society and replace paper tissues with durable cloth handkerchiefs now. If you like, you can order the washable cloth handkerchiefs online here.


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