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Living Sustainably - The Challenge


  • Practical hands-on book for environmental saviors
  • Ideal for starting a sustainable life
  • 70 Challenges for a greener everyday life
  • Practical extension to "Sustainable Living for Beginners
  • Plastic-free - from the packaging to the book!

Live sustainably and save the world in the process? That's what we'd all like to do. But where should we start? And isn't it all rather complicated? Absolutely not! Christoph Schulz and Carolina Graf have developed 70 creative challenges that make it easy to start living an environmentally friendly life. You can choose tasks for the year, the week, or just for one day and start small by always taking a burlap bag with you when you go shopping or - if you like challenges - try your hand at an upcycling project. Many more useful and fun challenges on home, food, shopping, leisure, and on the go, where you can earn points, are waiting for you to become a real sustainability pro in the end.


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